40 Percent of the data of the string protection of lower saxony must be deleted

The review by a Task Force stated many misstatements and violations of fundamental rights for informational self-determination even with journalists and law

Actually, the federal surveillance protection is conditional, over "Aspirations directed against the liberal democratic basic order", and to inform espionage. He obviously did not do that with the best friends of the NSA, while once again becomes clear in terms of NSU, that it was blind at best – at the right eye. Prevention Chief Maes explained to have received knowledge of NSA monitoring program first on Snowdens Leaks. Even though he regrets the dependent of Merkel’s cell phone, he does not want to change the good cooperation with the US intelligence services and makes it clear that he does not even focus on openness to the NSA Investigation Committee.

The domestic intelligence also likes to collect as many data as he can only be legally bound to him. Whether the cooperation with the NSA helps here, also to get information from German, remains a secret for the time being. But it is highlighted by MAen’s collaboration with the fact that the NSA had given a hint who led to the seizure of the Sauerland Group. But from a roughly created Abhor program you have not known anything, has always been claimed.

A small look at the activities of the preamble protection has shown the report of the Task Force deployed by Lower Saxony’s Interior Minister Pistorius. It was independently set up in addition to the expert groups on the reform of catching protection (reform-ag) after discovered that the Lower Sachsian preamble protection data of "Publish and journalistic", like to be stored with right-wing extremism, a lawyer and an employee of the Grunen Group and an employee of the Left Party. That something can change, it turns out that with the new state government also a new prasident of catching protection, Maren Brandenburg (SPD), her office Antrat and there after the NSU scandal for a reform entered, even if they were quite criticized for Lack of consequence harvested. At their age, the inadequate stores were discovered and found the checking of all 9,000 files in the ways.

At least the final report was presented last week. The result is that nearly 20 percent of personal data (1973) did not have been stored or long had to be loosened, further 20 percent (1564) should be easily lolled because they are for the "Task" not necessary. Pistorius does not push the misconduct like a single "black sheep" too, but speaks of "Organizational debt", because "the system has apparently failed and there was no hedge". At the same time, this also protects the employees, because it seems despite illegal clarity and the "An interference with the fundamental right to informational self-determination" No personal consequences to give: "It was expressly no assignment of the prudential results to individual employees of the preamble protection", it is meant in most cases in the final report. Since the penal protection and the Ministry of the Interior of the peace in the house appear to be closer than that of the preamger protection against the penetration protection. Whether that creates more confidence?

Of the 9004 data statements on LinksExtremism, extremism with foreign use / Islamism and right-wing extremism, according to the Task Force, only 61.2 percent can be further. Maybe a more accurate exam was found even more fragment. Only the entire records were recommended, not individual information in these. Whether the Task Force was so independent, as the Ministry of Interior is SIW, can be doubted. Chairman was Martina Schaffer, Vice President of Lower Sachsian string protection, In addition, she consisted of Christian Buschen, former penetration preamble prassident, a LKA-Beamtem and three employees of the Ministry of Interior, a representative of the state officer for data protection only had "advisory function".

Storage practice seems to the principle "cling together, swing together" correspond to

For example, data from minor pending, even if there are no "Violent aspirations" Templates, but what is a prerequisite. Default mab are happy to have been stored later than necessary. Only in exceptional cases can data can be stored up to the highest period, then to be increased again, for suspicious is a period of time from 2 years to the resubmission. The author has made the exception for all personal data, probably to save work. The persons concerned should not be notified, but the Minister of the Interior is based on whether a communication should be made for particularly serious fundamental rights. Since you have to wait first the deeds.

The penal protection seems like the motto "Coached, caught" To be the procedure, as is the principle of analysis of metadata. So if you have surfaced somewhere, where you suspicious suspected, can also get into the files without any specific suspicion. "Burgerous protest" often leads to be classified as left-sextremist. So in 2012 a student was categorized as a suspicious, "Just because they lived in a ‘scene object’ rated by the police", as the interior minister said. There were no further suspected moments. The initial storage of the residents of scene objects is, so it is called in the report, "alone because of your registration address unlawful". Similarly, under the heading Islamism for Mosque Hotel or Participation in a Friday Prayer.

There was not a few cases of bourgeoic protest, which were classified as left-sextremist because of a miscloth. For example, this concerned participants of protests of the peace, okology, anti-nuclear power movement, which no "state formuer winding approach" attributable. From the participation of autonomous with such protests or anti-fascist actions thirst "not lump-sum on the overall character of an event or to the motivation of the participants", Task Force warns. That is one "Beating against nuclear power and castor transports as a left-wing extremist action field" to distinguish that "on the overcoming of the political system in Germany" aim. The Minister of the Interior mentions one "Farmer, which had become apparent in the context of blockade actions, in particular by tractors, in the context of anti-castor protests".

And they were still stored data from Members of the Left Party, also from former, although the Federal Scarf Court in the case of Ramelov differed differently, which did not seem to the string protection. For the Left shows the report that the penalty protection "Burger rights, democracy and the constitutional state" shaded. It therefore demands the resolution of Lower Sachsian string protection. And poses the red-green government just to better control, but none "far-reaching consequences" carry out.

Sharp criticism also comes from the Burgerinitiative Environmental Protection Luchow-Dannenberg (BI). She wants to know how many castor and nuclear power opponents were illegally observed from the strike protection. You have against the "offensive observation" repeatedly succeeded, but the complaints were not always successful because the string protection does not give any information as long as a person is under observation, so probably as long as the data was not laid. "The storage of nuclear power beams in catchback files represents a massive level of fundamental rights for free community and assembly freedom", So Martin Donat.

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