How al-nusra outmaneuvers other opposition groups

How al-Nusra outmaneuvers the other opposition groups

Photo of al-Nusrah to fighting in the surroundings of Aleppo. The sign on the top right is the logo for Jaish al-Fatah. Source: Propaganda material

Is Washington finally taking the fight against the terrorist organization seriously??

The links between al-Qaeda in Syria and other militias are marked by a characteristic dominance, it was repeatedly learned from communications from the war in Syria. The al-Nusra Front is always careful to ensure its ability to occupy the Sharia courts in the conquered territories. Also the al-Nusra pursues the goal of a "Islamic State". For the militias that cooperate with it, this means subjugation to the. It is not a question of military cooperation among equals.

This is again illustrated by a news item from the weekend. According to Reuters, the al-Qaeda militia captured the head of a militia called the Jaish al-Tahrir Brigade, as well as several of his followers, after al-Nusra carried out several coordinated raids on the group in northern Syria’s Idlib province. The news agency truncates to statements of the militia Jaish al-Tahrir Brigade.

The addition of brigade behind the designation "Army of Liberation" refers to the fact that the group is affiliated with the Free Syrian Army. At the beginning of the year, several FSA groupings joined forces under this umbrella term. According to Reuters, the grouping is believed to have about 4.000 "well-trained fighters" have.

The notable point is that the Jaish al-Tahrir Brigade is supported by the U.S. with weapons and politically. It is after the 13.Division the next opposition group claimed by the U.S. to be captured by al-Nusra. It can be amed that the jihadists will demand not only absolute allegiance, but also weapons.

Incidentally, the Reuters report cites the Nusra Front’s participation in the U.S. program to train and equip the Jaish al Tahrir as one of its charges "Syrian insurgents in their fight against the Islamic State". This makes one wonder, because the militias in Idlib are not fighting against the IS, but against the Syrian army. In Idlib, Assad’s opponents made major gains last year, which were ultimately one reason why Russia later intervened militarily in Syria.

How al-nusra outmaneuvers the other opposition groups

Photo of al-Nusrah fighting in the area of Aleppo. The sign on the top right is the logo for Jaish al-Fatah. Source: Propaganda material

The umbrella organization that made the conquests in Idlib is called Jaish al-Fatah. The most powerful groups are al-Nusra Front and Ahrar al-Sham. Associated with it are factions of the FSA.

That the FSA militia Jaish al-Tahrir Brigade is hoping for mediation from Ahrar al-Sham in its conflict with al-Nusra points to the very mixtures at the heart of disputes between the United States and Russia. It shows again how close the connections between the "moderate opposition groups" and the Salafist-jihadist militias are.

The extent to which al-Nusra’s action against the Jaish al-Tahrir Brigade was due to the FSA unit’s attempt to keep its distance cannot be verified from the outside. It is clear that al-Nusra is intent on controlling the groups. Under these conditions, there is little to be made of distancing oneself, as Russia’s Auben Minister Lavrov has been demanding for weeks now.

Unless such distancing was supported by the U.S. This would show that Washington is serious about the fight against the al-Nusra Front (USA proposes alliance with Russia against al-Nusra). That would be Game-changer.

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