It will be negotiated

The examination of the Federal Government in Meseberg brought above all a result. It will be negotiated

Many political commentators were surprised that the Federal Government had to go to office after a few weeks in the office in Klausur. The politicians did not have enough time to get to know each other in the coalition negotiations?. After completing the first exam on Castle Meseberg is one thing. There was still other exams allowed. Some commentators already joke about the "Government of the eternal exam". Anyone who had expected important political decisions from the two-day meetings will actually be desapped. It will be negotiated, is the message that emanated from Meseberg.

Health Minister Philipp Rosler (FDP) will not only call an expert commission to further develop health care, but also lead a "Interministerial Working Group" on the same topic. Another commission should devote itself to the questions of demographic change.

Even for the 2. December charged the chancellor to the gross crisis summit. There, representatives of business, trade unions and finance should advise on paths from the economic situation and the avert of a threatening credit terminal. Also on the field of energy policy, the politics of the wradies was continued. Until October 2010, a concept should be created. Thus, the coalition, especially the black-yellow government coalition in NRW, received no nuclear power debate before the state elections in May 2010. Since these elections are also interpreted as the first mood test of the Federal Government, the NRW government was not difficult to surprise their Berlin colleagues for delay tactics.

Marched in the fall Steinbach

Even a personnel that threatens to avoid a tangible coalition dispute between Union and FDP and who also complies abroad was not observed in Meseberg. Deciding whether the Prasident of the Confederation of the Published Erika Steinbach can represent her organization in the Advisory Board of the Foundation, Expulsion, Settle, was postponed. The topic did not play a role in the exam because the federal government has not nominated any candidate, won it for reasons. The distributed band has postponed the nomination planned for the past Tuesday, extra because of the clausing meeting. So showed that the Federal Government is unable to make a decision. Steinbach has already become a symbol of the conservatives and also the national liberals in the FDP, who want to see German interests in the government stronger represented.

Where the coalitionaries actually agreed something, one wonders quickly, why one has needed a clause. So it has been reluctant to demand the mandate of the Bundeswehr in Afghanistan. Among other things, the Bundeswehr is to be stationed in Afghanistan for another twelve months. Even before the Kuste of Lebanon, the German soldiers should remain long in action. The Bundeswehr should continue to participate in the pirate hunt before the Somali Kuste. The Bundeswehr should not participate in the AWACS rats. Not even this step wants to complain the federal government for himself. Rather, the refusal of overflowing rights is called by the neighboring countries. Also that the statutory health insurance companies receive 3.9 billion euros in addition to tax funds in the coming year, has long been known.

Opposition in the company car?

So the exam was only a common leisure trip of the Federal Government? Not quite. Because the exam served to bring the FDP finally to the ground of the facts. This was the title of a FAZ commentator, which wrote down what was also thought of in business circuits.

The FDP has not yet been found in her governance and still act like an opposition party, was the reproach. "Government responsibility is not continued the opposition in the larger company car," wrote the commentator to the liberals in the regular book. He also writes Westerwellen rejection of Steinbach in the Advisory Council of the Foundation whose inexperience. The FAZ, which paid before the election to the narrowest journalistic composites of the FDP, calls on this now to distinguish between theory and practice in the government.

The FDP must still learn that you have to interpret the Neoliberal Dogma quite flexible. It should, of course, be brought to attack against unions and social initiatives – the FAZ usually does not exceed. But when it comes to the attractiveness of the location of Germany for foreign capital, the pure teaching of ordinarism can ever be forgotten. Throughout the banks have also made the banks during the crisis.

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