Schauble bans hezbollah station al manar

Following in the footsteps of other European countries, Germany has now ied a partial ban on the TV station, which is popular in Arab countries, because of its violation of the people’s right to freedom of speech

From 1. December, Al Manar ("The Lighthouse") can no longer be seen in German hotels, cafes and other public places. In addition, advertising and fundraising for the Beirut-based station are prohibited in Germany. These measures were justified.with an offence against the idea of the people’s understanding, which is an offence of prohibition according to the type "agitational hate propaganda". 9 para. 2 Basic law erfulle. The decree also applies to Hezbollah’s Al Nour radio station.

Avi Dichter, the Israeli Minister of Public Security, was one of the first to be informed of the ban during his visit to Berlin. "Agitational hate propaganda against Israel’s right to exist" was the motivation for the ban, according to a spokesman for the Israeli ministry. However, Avi Dichter did not want to say anything about whether Wolfgang Schauble also wants to take action against German Hezbollah members and related institutions. An orphanage is said to have transferred money from Germany to the families of suicide bombers who killed Israelis. Of course, Israel is not satisfied with the partial ban. Al Manar can still be received by every private household via satellite (Arabsat and Nilesat). One would like to see Germany follow the example of France, Spain, Australia and the Netherlands. There, Al Manar can no longer be received via satellite (start of a West-East media war)?).

Alexander Ritzmann of the European Foundation for Democracy in Brussels sees it similarly in a commentary: "With its anti-democratic, anti-Western and anti-Semitic program content, the Hezbollah station undoubtedly contributes to the radicalization of Muslims in Germany.

According to an interception report, "the lighthouse" is supposed to be an important leading medium for Shiites in Germany (to the station’s self-understanding: "You can’t just exert diplomatic prere"). But the Lebanese station is also very popular with ordinary Muslim immigrant families. Which surely has to do with the Lebanon war of 2006. Hezbollah scored what it called a "godly victory" that made its secretary-general, Hassan Nasrallah, the most popular politician in the Middle East. At that time Israel tried to paralyze the most important propaganda medium of the organization and bombed the building of Al Manar. But after just a few seconds of interruption, the program continued as usual. Broadcast was from a bunker in a secret location.

Hezbollah’s TV mouthpiece, however, not only delivers 24-hour nonstop propaganda, but is a family-friendly TV station with children’s programming, soap operas, sports and movies. No one knows exactly how many viewers watch Al Manar every day. The treasures are between 10 and 50 million. In any case, it is one of the five most popular stations in the Arab countries.

The articles about the families of fallen Hezbollah soldiers, who are proud of their martyrs, are a source of criticism. Or reports about successful military actions against Israeli posts, which are presented as glorifying missions. In addition, the vocabulary that describes Israel as an aggressor, a terrorist state, a Zionist entity and an occupying regime that must be eradicated. Hezbollah is presented as a legitimate resistance and liberation organization that has salvation status. Quotations from the Koran or other religious writings "prove" how right it is to fight to the last drop of blood against any form of oppression.

Entertainingly, this ideological package is sometimes also presented in a quiz show. This included, for example, "Al Mohemah", in German "Die Mission", "Der Auftrag". The list of questions included: "Is it true that the martyr, Amar Hamoud, was nicknamed "the sword of all martyrs"??"But also questions about the French Revolution, when the U.S. bombed a medicine factory in Sudan, or who the British Queen mourned more, her dog or the earthquake victims in Iran. At 60 points, Jerusalem was virtually reached on the studio map, the anthem "Jerusalem is ours" was played and the candidate was 5 million Lebanese Lira (3300 dollars) richer.

For "Al Manar" this is a small contribution in the "psychological war against the Zionist enemy". The station also defines this war as one of its most important tasks. "Attention tourists! Tourism in Israel puts your life in danger!"was the title of a spot broadcast in Russian and Hebrew during the first year of the "Al-Aqsa Intifada" to "warn" of the danger of suicide bombings. Mel Gibson’s "Passion of Christ" was turned into a "Passion of the Palestinian and Iraqi People" (Hezbolla wants to enter the international political stage) .

Exclusively all speeches and public appearances of Hassan Nasrallah are naturally broadcast. Alexander Ritzmann of the European Foundation for Democracy in Brussels quoted in his commentary one of the "frequent highlights of these speeches. And now everyone is shouting what we learned from Imam Khomeini (the Iranian revolutionary leader): Death to America!"And the crowd roars: "Death to America!! Death to America!". A fate that should naturally also befall Israel, Ritzmann continued.

The number of people employed by Al Manar is kept secret. Just so you know, nearly two-thirds are women, and they usually head newsrooms. The annual budget is said to be around $15 million. For years, over 90 percent of advertisers were turned down because their spots had to do with "female desire". Meanwhile, Western ad agencies design Islam-friendly advertisements with Al Manar’s in-house ad agency. The client list includes such well-known agency names as Saatchi and Saatchi from Great Britain. Other western companies like Pepsi, Coca Cola, Western Union, Gauloise, Red Bull, but also Henkel with its General love to run commercials on Al Manar. Globalization knows no borders. Not even in Hezbollah TV.

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