Bundeswehr: take over responsibility with armed drones?

Parallel to the discussion on the expansion of the Bundeswehr inserts, planes of the Ministry of Defense Respond again the debate on the calling of the army with accessible drones

Defense Minister of the Leyen, shortly even Dafur criticized that she is the Bundeswehr "unaware as a housewife, the reunification of the army with armed drones is ruined after media reports. Like her process of Maizière (cf. Armed drones for the Bundeswehr?) If she wants a social debate on the controversial topic, reports the mirror.

It still "No position fixing", The Ministry of Defense responded on request of the FAZ. But the further is more pronounced the impression that a certain predefined basic orientation is already present; A later discussion on decision-making is apparently not planned, completely on the contrary. The spokesman of the Ministry of Labt Overlooking the newspaper, that a decision is probably the next week.

The Minister of Defense will "After an appeal on Monday and in the course of the disbursable debate" meet, so the speaker of the Ministry. Which debate is meant, which results from the hearing or the coarse in the public? Since the statement is examined in the next sentence that the debate "A current hour in the Bundestag on Wednesday or Thursday" falling in, the idea is suggested that the main debate between the coalition partners Union and SPD is meant, from which it seems to be aming that they still lead to a position fixation in the Minister of Defense in the coming week.

The occasion of the questions is a report of the image newspaper, which according to own information is a secret 3-sided progress report, from which it shows that from the Leyen "plans to outsource the Bundeswehr with armed drones".

"Legally no difference"

According to the Style of the newspaper, the picture highlights distinctive points without narrowing its effect with mandatory details or long-term recovery. So is in the catch of the report, the online is free accessible, that "Combat drones could also be used in areas where the Bundeswehr did not operate". Which areas are meant is not revealed. Maybe this does not know yet the Bundeswehr yet, but first generally want to be able to unlock…

Further fantasies are stimulated by the sentence that reading in the secret paper is that the use of armed drones also in unavailable conflicts "exceptionally conceivable" may be. Only later is the "Support an evacuation operation" as an example for such an exceptional case.

In between, the reader is calmed down on legal concerns. The authors of the progress report will be cited by segregation that the use of combat drones as a means of war carrying by the VolkerRecht was briefly covered:

Whether a soldier slides with his rifle or by drone depending on it, legally no difference.

Whether the civil avenue in the border areas Pakistan, which has been more in front of US drones for years than before US soldiers, was also so indisputable?

The Bundeswehr authorization, of course, has prioritar the security of its employees in mind. This is how the argument is brought in the image report that the "Furse of the employer" against the soldiers for the "Introduction of armed drones" speak because you are at "delicate protection or liberation actions" could be used instead of the soldiers to danger.

If it goes according to information of the mirror, the decision was already pushed far forward on the acquisition of drones behind the scenes. The question is how the SPD will be in government responsibility. As an opposition party she stood against the plan of the Fruheren Defense Minister Thomas de Maiziere (CDU).

According to FAZ, the coalition agreement lies a change of course: the purchase or development of armed drones had not been fundamentally excluded. Before that, however, initially, volcanized and penetration and ethical questions should be considered. Which quality they are and how relevant will show up coming week.

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