Club manager and co-trainer at the home pc

over the internet can channel the skill of a real Fubball Club

It is the dream of each Fubball fan. To make the establishment of his team, can now become reality in Koln at one in Germany to date unique project. For the first time in the German Fubball History, it should be possible that fans can influence the management of a real association via the Internet. The prerequisite: 30.000 people must be on the website of DeinfubballClub.DE have registered. Only then falls the quiesum membership of 39.95 euros. From this point, the members can take direct influence on the activities of the club, it is called in the statutes.

What brought about 30,000 members from 72 countries to the English Funftligist ebbsfleet, should also work in Koln. The association that applies to the Internet community to "Managen" is the association leaigist SC Fortuna Koln . The Fortuna, as the SudstadtClub is named, has been selected by the initiators as a suitable club for the pilot project and referred the teams of Westfalia Herne and the SPVG. Erkenwick on the places. As a co-group and godfather, the project director Sonke Wortmann is the side, whose Buro is just a few strain from the Sudstadion, the home of Fortuna, away.

The contributions should bring the battered club back into the paid Fubball. "The money taken should be invested in the first team," explained Fortuna Chairman Klaus Ulonska on a press conference. Dirk Daniel Stoeveeken, the land of "ALP10 GmbH" has set itself a one-year period with his team. If the goal of acquiring 30,000 members to acquire until then not achieved, all costs incurred until then have been "superserved by us," said Stoeveken.

But should actually rise idea and concept, for Fortuna Koln was so many another. Thus, when entering into force, a new company had to be founded whose shares are 51 percent of the Fubball Club – the statutes of the German Fubball Confederation. However, the members had a say and could then actively contribute to the club’s processes. From jerseys on the club hymn to the installation at the respective matchday, the members can then decide. "The possibilities for participation are versatile," says Stoeveken.

For Fortuna coach Matthias Mink a whole new field, because he had to be in contact with the members regularly, justify themselves as well as proprehension and comment. In contrast to the English project, in sporting matters, however, the coach has the last word. According to a daylight, Mink has no concern that the user vote also could harm its position. Finally, one was always under special prere as a trainer.

On the first day, several hundred members already answered. Temporarily, the site was even not available for server relief. On Sunday, more than 2000 members had found. Whether it comes to a renewed "Fubballburchen" in Germany, remains to be seen.

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