Covid-19: the benefits of mass tests

COVID-19: The benefits of mass tests

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Rich outgoing restrictions on the evidence of the disease – or the politics in Western Europe and the US must take a different way?

The idea that the SARS COV 2 virus can be disappeared by quarantine acceptance as its namesake SARS 1 in zero years, seems to end Marz 2020 rather unrealistic. Therefore, because the virus has encouraged the findings of the World Health Organization WHO in the meantime in at least 40 African Lander, which hardly someone has an effective one "Social Distancing" trust. The WHO-Afrikachefin Matshidiso Moeti does not.

And unlike China, Singapore or Japan, Western European countries also seem overwhelmed by the disease: after he has had to do so in Italy for weeks, whom they adhere to a breathing apparatus and whom they let them die (cf. COVID-19: Quarteran rules are now valid in Italy), now only those Covid-19 patients are also beaten in French Strabburg, which are under 80 years old. Also the conversion of diving to ventilation rates and a ventilation pump developed at the Rheinisch-Westfalische Technische University in Aachen for the production in the 3D printer could not be fully dependent on the lack of such cases so far.

Better than elsewhere in Italy, the disease situation in the Venetian community has developed Vo: in this only about 3.400 inhabitants paying locality has not only tested a few, but almost all burgers on the SARS COV 2 virus. As a result, one could also isolate the percentage very rough group, which was infected, but no symptoms showed. The fact that the propagation rate is so reduced by 90 percent, also impressed the WHO General Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, now the message: "Tests, tests, tests" output.

Mass tests were also helped by the economy

Testing in its a lot of coarse scope than before, in the Washington Post published articles of three researchers can save not only many human lives, but also the economy: this, according to Anthony Lamantia, Gordon Douglas and Tim Searchinger, will love themselves the isolation The infected limiting, while everyone else could start working and consuming normal.

Because there are in addition to serological tests that give a reaction of the immune system also PCR tests that respond to an active prasence of the virus, also seek who was infected and the disease has survived without symptoms. This potentially quite rough circle could then be exempted from initial notification. Especially in hospitals, shops and guests, it had gross benefits when such immunized persons could be used.

Iceland also tests random

In Iceland, the path of mass testing has already been stronger than in other countries: at this about 364.000 residents paying island with currently 737 infections and a Covid 19-dead were with – Stand yesterday – 6.163 people proportionately tested more people than in any other country of the earth. The tests not only performed not only the state health system, but also the company Decode Genetics. The fact that they also tested randomly selected Islander, it gains a better insight on the actual distribution and the proportion of the infected part of about 50 percent, which do not show any symptoms.

From the compromises of the infected Islanderfe dearly determined that the Virus Auber from the holiday countries Italy and Austria also came from England to Iceland, which was probably on a fubball game. From those of these three countries introduced SARS COV 2 viruses now there are 40 mutations, of which the researchers do not know if and what impact they have.

Labors could change

In Germany, on the other hand, many people complain outside politics, who were happy to test the SARS COV 2 virus, that they remain denied them of these surveys. This affects even groups of people exposed to special risks, such as policemen.

Confronted with such batches, decision-makers argue, the lying not only in their economy, but also because the capacities of the laboratories were utilized. Not only in Germany, but also in the US. Counteract the stop of the Reason Author Ronald Bailey, that they could also commit other worked laboratories to switch to SARS COV-2 tests. The German Minister of Health also had the possibility to access the previously never applied § 13 of the Patent Act and "In the interest of public well-being" suspend hindful intellectual rights (cf. Corona: Minister of Health may cancel patent protection).

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