Electric shock weapons for disciplining

Safety of the University Florida punished with the pain completely unnotically a student with electric shocks during a public discussion event with Senator Kerry – and none of the step attending

Taser has recently offered electric shock weapons in fashionable design for women (chic, small weapon for electric locks). The weapons should serve self-defense – not for safety force, but for everyone. Similar to the case of other weapons, the non-totonic weapons are a highest double-edged sword. They can not only be of the "Bose" and used to attack, but also to torture and vacuum. In fact, they do not make the society safer, but drove to the call, for coarse uncertainty and the refusal – just because it is allegedly about harmless, non-tonic weapons.

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How to use electric shock weapons, an incident leads to the University of Florida on Monday (video; Video). The former Prasidentic applicant John Kerry had held there a speech and then given the 21-year student Andrew Meyer the possibility to judge a question to him. The student wanted to know why he had lost the choice, even if it should have given election fraud. In addition, Kerry should say something to the possibility of having a peherial procedure against Bush, and he wanted to know if Kerry and Bush members wanted to know "Skull and Bones", a secret society of Yale University, be.

At the end of his somewhat lengthy questions, the safety force of the Universitat grabbed him and quickly became the palatable, as several videos show on YouTube, who have documented the incident. When Meyer did not want to fuck, he grabbed him some safety force, dragged him back, threw him on the floor and held him there. The overweight young man had already practiced help several times, but no one in the room raised the voice or step. Kerry apparently tried to translate the matter and began with it "quality" Answer question, but without contacting the safety force. A policewoman demanded from the student who was printed on the ground of six security forces, that he should be stopped, otherwise he "steadfast". But he continued to call for help, asked why not "steadfast" to become, and asked what he did. In response, he was attacked several times by the policewoman with the electric shock weapon. Clearly an act of disciplining and punishment, because Meyer could not fight against the excess of the safety faith. Under the lenses of the video and television cameras and the eyes of the continued silent attendees, Meyer was finally leaving the room.

Kerry is now looking for a statement to justify and explained, he wanted to reare the situation by trying to prevent the security forces to arrest him, and started answering the question. That the safety faith tracted the student with an electric shock weapon, he did not notice, although this had scored. He did not want to comment on the procedure of the safety force, that was not his affair. In his 37-year career as a politician, he has not experienced such an incident yet. Meyer was held overnight due to idle trust and resistance, the university director regretted the incident and received temporarily two of the safety force.

In the student newspaper one explains shocked and criticizes the completely unnecessary use of the electric shock weapon. You can need to trust those who want to protect the universitat and the students, but you do not have to be afraid of them. Around the 200 students protested on Tuesday on campus against the excessive violence of the safety force

It is not the first incident of this kind to a university in which the security forces had surpassed. The inhibition thresholds seem gradually if the completely unnecessary application of painwords is unacceptable in all openness. Frightening is above all the "educational", completely unnecessary use of the pain about a student who had already been overwhelmed by safety faith and obviously punished with pain, because he dared to ask what he did when he asked questions. Even more scary, however, is that this happened in a fully occupy space at a university, the student was shouting for a long time and loudly for help, but no one just raised the voice against the matt action of the safety force. At the beginning of the action, attendant even clapped when the safety felt dismissed the students before Kerry could answer the questions. After all, the Internet offers the possibility of spreading the incident about videos and to draw attention to the scandal. On YouTube is just one of the videos in place 1.

In this case, safety force used the electric shock weapon. But Taser also offers the weapons individuals, which is legal in the coarse part of the USA. The latest creation is the chic and small C2 that has come to the market for $ 350 recently, fits every pocket and at a distance of up to 4.5 meters a electric shock of 50.000 volts divides, which causes rough pain, making movement-related power and, above all, fear and scare fear. And because allegedly, so the advertising of the company, nothing can happen, the weapons were increasingly used for all possible purposes in order to turn off potential threats in advance, to make victims of action and tidy, to punish for discipline and punish upgrades.

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