“Germany can create this!”

Plastargias (left) with escape plants at movie project. Image: Jana Schlegel

The Frankfurt Social Worker Jannis Plastargias is optimistic: a conversation about mass arrives and long-term perspectives

The social worker Jannis Plastargias, even son of Greek guest workers, looks after in a Frankfurt advice center escapeons from different countries. He helps them to arrive in Germany, trying to loose problems, conveys between his clients and the Amter – and gets daily with where problems exist and how the situation will be strong for step. He is confident and represents the reality of the instrumentalization through right-wing populist parties, which was highly stylized to the crisis.

I have done, you will be invited to an Afghan food…

Jannis Plastargias: Yes, with an eight-headed family who had previously had problems in their accommodation. The man was with heart problems in the hospital, and in such a health situation is no good surroundings. My colleagues and I then have an apartment with a few messages. And I have housed one of the sons in a short film project, where it also went to the location of escape strings. The very beautiful dinner was thanks to Dafur. For about a year, they have been serving escape works as a social worker and also convey between the people and the state-of-the-art officials.How is the current situation? How are people?

Jannis Plastargias: In the counseling center we drove with all typical speech, where it goes primarily to integration. One explains what is relevant for behaughtgeange is clarified on via German courses, the labor market and tries to put together with the clients to put something on the legs. Every two months there is another conversation in which we demand how integration succeeds and assist. In addition, we convey between our clients and the behavior. For example, when it comes to money. The certificate for the notification as a asylum seeker (BUMA) must be required, and if someone does not do, money can be deleted. Then we explain the background and help. Many have multi-layered problems, which is why there are often more than the designed Funf talking. Your clients are Syrians, Iraqis, Afghans, Iraner, Somali. How do you experience communication; Are there any problems?

Jannis Plastargias: Most come from Afghanistan. Why is that, we do not know exactly. This also has to do with how the escape is distributed after your arrival in Germany. In Frankfurt we have many Eritreer, and lately come again increasingly asylum seekers from Turkey. Serbs, Albanians, Macedonians are more difficult, as their onset is usually rejected. When it comes to toleration or deportation, it also leads to traumatic situations that are often helpless, we must then explain the situation. At the counseling days we are supported by interpreters. But generally it is good. I have always worked with migrants, I’m a guest worker child. And I rarely experienced so much gratitude. If something is doing well, the lane is saved. If something is good – what is the name of the? With which concerns are the people in the advice?

Jannis Plastargias: We report the clients in German courses, for example in the adult education centers, and explain them the places. We convey people in integration courses by helping them out the onset of BAMF so that they can receive a credential certificate and can perceive any courses near their accommodation. We try to get the Federal Office of the Federal Office for Migration (BAMF), which works relatively well, if you had an appointment before, but that did not come about – otherwise we can do relatively little. We can advise when it comes to jobs offer orientation. It becomes more difficult for apartments, because the Frankfurt housing market is uberlastet. There are hardly any social housing. In addition, many landlords do not want any escape in their apartments. Why?

Jannis Plastargias: We can not really understand that, especially since it is a safe thing for the landlord, because the money is always pointed by the office. But apparently the reservations are too rough. If someone still has found an apartment, we will help again, for example, writing musblation approach, ask where there are cheap mobel. Also, most are very grateful.

"Forced to be disappeared for months, is murbing and frustrating"

It is difficult to find apartments – that is the case, the escape of the flights live in mass courses. For how long? And what does that mean how are people along with it?

Jannis Plastargias: The enameled people first come to a huge first reception device, sometimes there are a thousand people or more in it. If you arrived in 2015, has lived in such halls for months, then sent to Frankfurt and is here again a similar situation. That can be extremely nerve-wracking. There are never privacy. It is almost always loud; One want to sleep at 10pm, others still play table tennis or Fubball in another hall part; There are families with children who need peace, along with young ones who prefer to celebrate; You have nothing real to do and goes to the nerves each other. Even worse, it was in winter when the weather was bad for a long time and people could barely get out and therefore pauselessly. At all, the nerves are blank, which is well understandable. I also think that something is not suitable for some traumatized people who just have a flight behind them. And what for a perspective have these people?

Jannis Plastargias: Hard to say. Many traces of perspectivity because the processes sometimes take a long time. It comes to long waiting times, Z.B. in the mediation in German courses. This makes the job search. There are hardly any jobs that you can do without German language skills. And forced to be untenant for months, is murbing and frustrating. There are perspectives. It only takes because in the last year so many people came at once. One has the feeling that the agencies did not expect, though there were places that had predicted that. But it seems that the city seemingly did not succeed in setting up sufficiently. But now the first vocational training measures are going on, first escapeons can be conveyed in work, and that works well too.

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