In bed with sara

The scientific explanation for the failure of the German national team at the European Championship?

Not all knee ailments in professional soccer players are acquired on the field of play. Some are created in home beds or even in other beds. When professional footballers suffer from knee problems, they are sure to receive the sympathy of the fans, since their sport is considered to be particularly prone to injury. But last year a British doctoral student revealed that not every joint disease is acquired on the pitch. Often the bone-damaging playing field is in the cornfield or rather in the bed, as the "New Scientist" last year reported. (New Scientist, Vol. 163, No. 2198 (1999), S. 5)

Of the ten athletes with persistent knee problems, six were footballers and all but one were professionals in the English premier league. Eight of the athletes also suffered from nonspecific urinary tract diseases, caused by the same germs that are also responsible for the "sexually acquired reactive arthritis" (SARA) are responsible. Whoever is in bed with SARA, the doctoral student suspects, usually had his traumatic encounter there as well. In fact, five of the young athletes admitted to having exchanged corpers instead of jerseys with at least 11 sexual partners. On average, only one in four British peers has such a track record. The clubs’ coffers have been hit hard by the additional performance sport of their athletes, with losses of up to 500,000 pounds. That’s why, as Telepolis learned today, British professional footballers have been specifically screened and treated for SARA in recent months.

Should, however, the British findings have escaped the attention of German sports physicians?? Should some German players obviously like intimate hits more than team hits?? The DFB is still silent!

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