Islamic states against the international criminal court

Even the Egyptian President Mubarak received the Sudanese President al-Bashir, even al-Qaeda seeks to exploit the new conflict

The arrest warrant ied by the International Criminal Court (ICC) against the incumbent Sudanese President al-Bashir proves to be ineffective so far (turning point for human rights and international law)?). Arab and African states reject him, calling him one-sided and politicizing international justice (Iran, Syria and Hamas solidarity with Sudanese president).

With the first arrest warrant against a sitting head of state, the Criminal Court probably wanted to set a signal. Al-Bashir is accused of war crimes and offenses against humanity in Darfur. He is thus directly blamed for the deaths of 35.000 people held responsible.

Al-Bashir made fun of the arrest warrant, had already traveled provocatively to neighboring Eritrea on Monday, and was received on Wednesday by Egyptian President Mubarak, a close associate of the United States. Egypt, like Eritrea, has not acceded to the Rome Statute and criticized the iance of the arrest warrant. Egypt intends to act as a mediator in negotiating a peace plan for Darfur, thereby prompting the UN Security Council to ask the ICC to halt its action against the Sudanese president. al-Bashir’s travels are being portrayed in Arab media as a challenge to the ICC and the international community that supports it.

Not only has the Bush administration not joined the ICC, but it has also tried to prevent it from coming into being, or at least to diminish its power, by blackmailing other governments. It is still unclear what the Obama administration’s position on the ICC will be. Thus, for the time being, Bashir is advised to surrender to the ICC, but whether the U.S. government would arrest him if he enters U.S. territory, one would not say.

Al-Bashir also plans to attend the Arab League summit in Qatar, which is scheduled for 27 June. Mar. takes place. Member countries have already given arances that they will not comply with the arrest warrant. However, there seems to be prere on the countries, moreover, Bashir had to fly there and could be arrested in the airspace more easily than if he traveled to Eritra or Egypt by land. Qatar has already ared that it will not bow to prere and has once again asked al-Bashir to attend the summit.

That the Arab and African despots fear international jurisdiction and for that reason alone want to keep the ICC small, even though many of the Arab states want to accuse Israel of having committed war crimes during the Gaza war, is transparent.

al-Qaida’s Sawahiri also wants to exploit the new conflict with the West for himself, especially since he and Bin Laden have spent many years there. In a new audio message, he is reported to have said that now the "Crusade" has turned its gaze to Sudan. It is not easy even for the head of terror to justify why the Ummah, the community of all Muslims, should protect the president. The argument is like Bush’s, that the enemy of the enemy is one’s own friend. Sawahiri stressed that he did not want to justify al-Bashir and his regime, nor his deeds in Darfur. But one has to see this in a comprehensive way and detached from Darfur. It is about interventions in Muslim countries by the "Zionist crusaders", which can be seen from the fact that no arrest warrants have been ied for "Bush, Blair, Olmert, Barak, Musharraf and Putin" had been ied.

The Sudanese regime, like all other governments, is too weak to defend itself against future attacks, he said. Sawahiri called on the Sudanese to agree to a "long guerrilla struggle" as has happened in Somalia and Iraq. Sawahiri also accuses Sudan, of course, of reaping what it has sown, for example, by expelling the mujahideen, who then found protection from the Taliban under Mullah Omar.

Amnesty International urges the Arab League to arrest and extradite Bashir if he attends the summit. agypt and the other member states of the Arab League should not shield Bashir from international justice, demanded Irene Khan, secretary general of ai on the occasion of the visit to Cairo: "His presence in Egypt should have been an opportunity to execute the arrest warrant ied by the International Criminal Court." She accuses Egypt of undermining international law by granting al-Bashir immunity: International law "such immunity for serious war crimes is not granted to anyone, including a sitting head of state." The human rights organization Human Rights Watch had celebrated the arrest warrant, as now also "President no free pass to commit heinous crimes" were able to claim. Justice for Darfur, a campaign launched last year by numerous human rights and aid organizations, also buried the arrest warrant.

On Deutschlandfunk radio, Luis Moreno Ocampo, the chief anchor of the International Criminal Court, called on the international community to enforce the arrest warrant. He made it clear that the international prosecution of serious crimes could thus take an important step forward: ""If humanity can muster the strength to prevent such crimes from happening again, it will take time?"

The strategy of the ICC is that al-Bashir should no longer be able to travel abroad and thus become a prisoner in his own country. All states are urged at least not to let him enter the country. Then the prere should be increased to transfer it to the ICC. That will take some time, Ocampo admits. However, countries such as China, Russia and the United States are already cooperating with the ICC. In any case, he is optimistic:

In twenty years, most of the Earth’s countries will have signed the Treaty of Rome. If this does not happen, the world will have a problem. If this does not happen, then there is a danger that the world will look like Darfur looks today.

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