Nord stream 2: fortuna to build despite sanctions

Nord stream 2: fortuna builds despite sanctions

The island of Bornholm. Photo: Andreas Faessler. License: CC BY-SA 3.0

For deterred service providers like Zurich, Bilfinger and Krebs could reprint alternative suppliers from Russia or China

According to Nord Stream 2 AG, the Russian pipe-laying vessel Fortuna has already started work on the pipeline despite the American sanctions imposed on January 19. American sanctions imposed on January 19 (cf. USA sanctions Russian laying company) on 24. January the construction of the planned new natural gas pipeline between Russia and Germany "in accordance with the permits obtained" continued.

"No information"

According to the data of Vesselfinder and Marine Traffic, these works take place about 28 kilometers from the island of Bornholm, which has belonged to Denmark since 1658. There are also several other Russian vessels that appear to be assisting Fortuna. One of the reasons for this is that the U.S. sanctions against the ship also include support services, which is why service providers from other countries can only be considered to a limited extent.

According to media reports, the Norwegian certifier DNV-GL (cf. Nord Stream 2: Certification company drops out) Swiss insurance company Zurich and Germany’s Bilfinger SE, which was supposed to supply process control and safety systems for Nord Stream 2, also dropped out of the project. No one at either company could be reached for comment. Also with the Hamburg rust protection expert cancer likewise mentioned in this connection it hieb it only, one gives to this topic "no information" out.

Foundation "purely symbolic"?

Zurich, Bilfinger and Krebs are not the only companies offering insurance, process control systems and rust protection, however. That is why an insider consulted by the very Nord-Stream-2-critical Bild-Zeitung must also be an "Insider" that there is "alternative companies from China and Russia" could step in. The company established by the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania "Climate and Environmental Protection Foundation MV" will not play a role in this, however, in his opinion: The be "purely symbolic" and offer "no way out of the sanctions" (cf. Nord Stream 2: new permit, but no further construction yet).

In addition to the U.S. Congress, which passed the sanctions, the EU Parliament has now also spoken out in favor of stopping the new German baseload supplier (cf. "The power supply is massively endangered"). Here the deputies of the Left and the Social Democrats, together with those of the AfD, voted against a building stop, but this was not problematized by the public media (in contrast to the stop of the increase of the broadcasting contribution).

The vote in the EU Parliament was prompted by the arrest of controversial Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny for violating preservation orders, against which his supporters demonstrated over the weekend. The businessman had been given a three-and-a-half-year suspended sentence in 2015 and a five-year suspended sentence in 2017. He received the three-and-a-half-year sentence for selling logistics services to the French cosmetics company Yves Rocher as an employee of the Russian state postal service through an offshore arrangement, making a million-dollar profit in the process. In Nawalny’s opinion, the deal was legal – but the court disagreed. In the other trial, he was found guilty of embezzling 1.3 million rubles as an adviser to a state-owned timber company.

The chairman of the Rossiya Budushchego party, which is not represented in the Duma ("Russia of the future") sees both rulings as political decisions designed to prevent him from competing with Russian President Vladimir Putin. In addition, he claims that last year Putin wanted to poison him with the agent Novichok, which became known through the Skripal affair, which the Kremlin denies (cf. The Truth in the Nawalny Case).

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