Revenge is online

The website "The Broken Laptop I Sold on eBay" Not only does the net for all kinds of swirls

The story sounds like a good staged fake, but she is obviously true. Everything starts with that last November in England a certain Amir offered his laptop on eBay. For 375 British pounds a student inherit the device, which then turned out to be broken. In addition, the sellers had lied to the description of the laptop, so they do not like Ebay a DVD-RW drive and instead of 2 GB it had only 512 MB of RAM.

Of course, the student demanded his money from the 19th-year back. But the seller ignored this and once disappeared abroad – hoping that grass was growing over the matter. But the buyer found anything but nice, yes, he was angry. And when he looked at the hard drive of the auctioned device exactly, he found all sorts of private data of the seller underneath properly embarrassing photos, bank details, a copy of his passport and so on.

As revenge is known to be sub or at least a bloody sausage, the cheated buyer, who is now as Laptopguy An internet-based is an idea. He opened the site "The Broken Laptop I Sold on eBay" at the beginning of May and now slips into the role of the sitting seller, which is true of his deed. And above all, a small section of the data collection is presented on the side, which has been stored on the hard disk.

From the bedroom on the sold laptop to the Internet: the eBay seller

In any case, what can be seen on the site is highly shortest for the former owner of the laptop. And even more embarrassing became the matter for him as the story was talking about in the net. Especially in forums and weblogs, mostly Hamisch was reported there. And until today’s Thursday, this web side was already around 2.300.Called 000 times.

The sellers blowed in this way now has the English newspaper "Daily Mail" Paid that he has been using a nightmare for a few days. He also claims that the laptop was by no means broken and the sex photos stored there were not come from him. At the same time, however, the "Daily Mail" reports on a woman who bought an iPod in Marz on Ebay at Amir, but never received. And now, the agency reports AFP, the British police should have included investigations against the archurtons for this revenue campaign. Nevertheless, the mains side was still online at this Thursday.

But that’s the story yet is not over. Meanwhile, there is a weblog, which is busy with this case. And that the reader offers the possibility to comment on things from his point of view. Several hundreds have made their comments yet, including people with so great names like Lucy Winters, Christina Copeland and Thomas Buckly – the alleged chief of the seller.

However, since the writing style of this trio is completely identical to the application letter published by Amirs in the network, as even the same spelling mistakes in the texts always appear again and since "Thomas Buckly" Amir’s ebay pseudonym has been, this trio is probably Amir. Who is now trying to defame the cheated builders with Bosest allegations and undertakings. But the laptopguy should also participate in different pseudonyms at this excited online sludge battle. And if they did not die, then they still argue on the internet today.

And the moral of the story’? Well, if you already sell your defective computer as a supposedly functional device, then you should necessarily get the hard drive before. Otherwise it could be embarrassing.

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