The extremist society

In the present system crisis, the barbaric core of capitalist socialization enters full development. Crisis of capitalism – Part 5

I’m not afraid of the juxtapy of the fascists in the mask of the fascists, but before the return of the fascists in the mask of Democrats.


Part 4: Democracy in the crisis

In view of his unequivocal bullies and insults against all possible minorities, hardly anyone had ancestor that Thilo Sarrazin has a highest sensitive soul life. The mimosary nature of the most successful German Stammtischverstand, however, come in turn only in repressive form to the validity – in a threatening legal dispute with the Berlin daily newspaper, which described Sarrazin on their satiresite as a kind of media whore.

The man, the Muslims a genetically caused inferiority and the "The Sudlander" want to see devalued, called by his lawyer a sub-lending declaration, as the taz satire "The border of so-called Schmahrik" overlewrite and "with a factual confrontation nothing more to do" have. Since the daily does not want to give such a lower lending, there is now a courteous, for the Sarrazin due to its successful mass-media advertising, is now financially rusted much better than the taz.

This posse throws a significant light on the close interaction between the multipliers of published opinions and populist-net right opinions such as Thilo Sarrazin. Of course, the media use the former Bundesbanker as well as he uses this. The mutual instrumentalization between mass media and the media phenomenon Sarrazin has not only made the latter for multimillionar, it also gives the former increasing conditions, audience numbers and revenue. Sarrazin is a bombing business for the media companies. This sales success of the market Sarrazin results from the fact that it meets a certain nerve in particular within the middle class of the Federal Republic. Here is a demand in the still relatively payment "center" the company serves, which increases due to crisis.

The former Bundesbanker has the "Taboo", the public articulation of the resentments maintained at German Stammtische Well maintained resentment. Sarrazin says in all openness what secretly "everyone thinks". An similar function in the public discourse also take more figures from the functional elite of the Federal Republic, such as the Economy Professor Hans Werner sense and the former BDI Prassident Hans Olaf Henkel. Mostly this turns out in the middle of the company and commercially successful "Think" against minorities and groups of people, especially in times of crisis as stress and unnute cost factors for the "Business location Germany" be stigmatized – Be it now Turks, unemployed or Sudenuropaers.

The extremist obonomist

The taboo breaks off a civilization break, in which again an inequality of humans is relatively propagated. However, this postulated inferiority of certain population groups is legitimized with explicitly oconomic argumentation patterns. The economic performance of a person determines its value in this ideology. As soon as people fall out of the capitalist working company, the recognition is denied how it explicitly formulated Sarrazin in 2010:

I do not acknowledge anyone who lives from the state, rejecting this state, for the training of his children does not produce reasonably and stole new small headscarves produced.

At the latest since this erupted Sarrazin debate in the summer of 2010, a corresponding public discourse was able to prevail, which is represented by a total-alconamism. All of the divisions and population layers are checked for their economic usability. This amok ongoing profitability is only increasing for racism or social arwinism, if it is to provide explorations for crisis phenomena – for example, for the emergence of a sub-layer in the FRG or the debt crisis in Sudenuropa. The nation is becoming increasingly as one "Service community" perceived "unproductive" Elements and "Cost factors" Procedure MUSSE: From the Renitent Greeks over lazy unemployed to the Arab migrants.

The right-wing extremism thus learned a conscience in the course of the Sarrazin debate "Rationalization process" in the sense of capitalist profitability. That’s why he was able to establish himself in this economically primed game in public discourse, as he died of neoliberalism. In the end, representatives of this extremist obonomist swing into the role of the ideal chairman of the Personnel Council of Germany-AG. Where characters like Sarrazin or the revenue Professor Hans Werner sense of certain population groups due to a cost-benefit analysis of the right – and implicit also the existence law -. Man, the entire society – yes the existence as such – signing in this ideology to flesh conditions of capitalist exploitation logic. Everything and all have to prove that they "useful" are. A life beyond the cooking service on the crisis capital accumulation seems to be very conceivable – it is considered as wider and parasitar. There is a cold extension to which social groups still have an economic benefit and which act as a blossom cost factor. These elements – which were also available in classical National Socialism – dominate in this extremism of the center, during fascist asthetics or explicit National Socialist vocabulary is hard to find.

The propagandists of totalace orconomism are actually in the mask of the Democrats therefore concerned about politically correct "Bond" give and give "uncomfortable truths" pronounced, which, with reference to half-truths and unilaterally evaluated statistical material, also with a scientific claim "proven" be. The postulated oconomic inferiority of unemployed, sudeuropaers or turbares is to be – for example by means of the Sarrazinian "Fog factor" – to be ideologized to a kind of nature law.

Business profitability is from the "center" the entire society overlooked

Meanwhile, this thinking has become hegemonial in the public discourse. When a Mark Soder demands, to Greece "an exemple" to state, then he can know the majority of the population of Germany on his site. Similarly, FDP boss also argued Rosler, who wants to overcome the exclusion of Greece from the EU. A whole country is here by the German Polita "written down", released to the disintegration, which will be completed by the sociooconomic collapse of Greece, which was initiated by the Spielerror, which was octroyed by Berlin and Brussel – and we can be sure that this reflex of the exclusion of entire economies also in relation to the other Sudeuropane EU states in the German publicity will take over as soon as the crisis process progresses in these countries.

The majority of the Bundesburg agree that the Greeks are responsible for their hopeless situation due to economic deficits – like the Hartz IV receptionists in this country. The success of this total-rural economist contributed a barely respected circumstance: this ideology forms a – irrational escalation of the values, intuitions and ideals, which is actually involved by the crisis dynamics, which actually in the now substantial eroding "Mediumshand" to find the capitalist society. Partly unfavorable, partly unwilling to think an alternative to the capitalist permanent crisis, these middle classes can seek a crisis outlet only in mercilessly increased subordination of the entire society under the regime of the stocking capital accumulation.

Since the entire society is consistently subjected to the capitalist profitability criteria in extremist obonomists, here is the economic profitability thinking from the "center" society is extremely driven by taking over the entire society. This crazy world view is already in the speech of the "Germany AG" become prohibited. Our company is considered as a single company – a risk of existence has only what "Corporate success" contributor. The capitalist ideology comes to Sarrazin to himself, she lets some pensions all pseudo-humanist hulls fall and subject the company directly to the terror of the value.

The breath of paint all now as "political correctness" despised civilizational achievements, which gave the capitalist multi-value machine a democratic paint, always remove on each crisis cutter. The whole human community invites here to a burden, but necessary throughput stage of capital accumulation, where every person is only awarded a livelihood only if it contributes to this irrational and ultimately destructive self-purpose of capital utilization somehow directly or indirectly. "You are nothing, your business location is everything" – to reduce this ideology to reduce this yoke, which articulates this barbaric core of capitalist socialization.

The Social Psychologist Oliver Decker has this crisis-related change of the right-wing extremist ideology in the study "The middle in the crisis" On the spot:

The stable orientation to economic goals – Praziser: The demand for submission among its prevulses – averolates an authoritre circulation. It leads to an identification with the economy, with the renunciation requirements in their favor in those authorite aggression breaks that breaks against weaker train.

This by the subordination under "economic previously" Fired autorite cycle does not require fascist asthetics, as it is maintained by the dull boot fascists of the NPD. Nevertheless, the economist extremism of the middle carries far large hazards, as it allows a creeping authority transformation of the Federal Republic, which is fully carried by an existing reactionar shifting of the entire political spectrum. There is no focus of a legal party in the Federal Republic, especially because the entire party spectrum is gradually drifting to the right. And exactly this creeping training of a "extremist society", In which everything is sacrificed on the altar of crisis-related economics, the coarse hazard potential for the remains of burial democracy carries and any social emancipation (democracy in the crisis). Even long, people are also driven in hunger death in Germany if they can not follow the commands of repressive poverty management. We just used ourselves to this barbaric. Because they are in one "democratic" Form by parliamentary resolution were enforced, they are hardly considered extremist and barbaric.

This extremist obonomist must be understood as a continuing ideological process, which gains momentum in response to the crisis of capitalism. This merciless ideology experiences a permanent ideological inspiration in parallel with dripping crisis dynamics. The more obvious capitalism rose to its inner boundaries, the stronger the extremism of the middle around himself, the more rigid and merciless the submission is demanded under the dictation of the collapsing economy. Sarrazin is therefore just one kind "Water heater" In a process of progressive ideological barbarization in the Federal Republic. That’s why Sarrazin will be very apt in the Taz satire with one "old whore" compared because his "Taboo" slowly dashed and the hoisted public requires new, stronger impulses.

Devaluation of the economically overflowed

This extremist obkonomism thus represents a crisis idol, which one "Reactions reaction" the directed middle classes forms on the crisis dynamics. The ideological mechanism of personalizing crisis causes is crucial, which hallucinates the crisis victims to the causes of the crisis. In many relegation threatened population groups, a kind attacks "Bunkerment" in order to assert his own social position that the crisis victims are held responsible for the crisis to legitimize the conveyance of this personalization of the crisis causes the resulting measures of the marginalization and absorption of crisis livers.

The unproductive cost factors (such as Greeks, unemployed, old, sick) whose Blobe existence is burdened by the national service community should be gone. This is ultimately an absurd, mororder and magical-tending thinking, which the crisis causes for characteristics of people hallucinated. The objective of the crisis process resulting exclusion always larger "overflowing" Parts of humanity from the working company finds their ideological legitimacy in the corresponding extremist discourses, which are a racist or culturalistic-based inferiority of the unemployed and residents of the affected countries. Without crisis, it did not give Sarrazin as a political phanomena. Sarrazin gives all the dull crisis-fishing expression that Germany’s meticulously maintained terraced budget settlements.

In their core (the crisis briefly explained), the present distortions is a crisis of the capitalist working company, which was drawn by the third industrial revolution in microelectronics and information technologies. In the end, capitalism has simply become productive for himself. This system stobs a "internal barrier" (Robert short) of his development. The rapidly faster rationalization and automation drove that more and more were more and more short time can be produced by ever less workforce.

Which has fallen out due to these increasing capitalist crisis dynamics from the capital utilization, "overflow" People are responsible for the resulting social disintegration phenomena. The bloobe existence of these people dependent on social transfers will be explained to the cause of the cause of the present crisis phenomena – these crisis losers were simply not "economic", So the mantra of Professor Hans-Werner sense, Sarrazin, Henkel, Rosler, Soder and Co.

The total subordination of all partnerships under the iron dictation of the crisis economy thus provides the ideological legitimacy of the progressing crisis process. The crisis appears as the result of the economic failure of individuals or populations. The groups falling from the decaying capitalist working society are stigma stigma in vulnerability of this personalization of crisis causes. This will legitimize the victim and disrespect of the crisis victims stamped at crisis causes – whether through the Hartz IV labor laws in Germany or the Troika terror in Greece.

As I said, this totaleric economist is an ideology in permanent inheritance, whose extremism gains in intensity with each crisis boost. The prere on unemployed will soon increase even further in Germany due to the escalating system crisis – and it requires only one media campaign against such a situation against such a situation "Social sky", To legitimize further shorts in the remains of the German welfare state. The open extermination threat already swings with the hitting against all, the Sarrazin does not "recognize" wants because they can no longer work or want. This is the implicitly co-vibrant, mass mortality of this ideology currently gaining contour: the economical "overflow" of the collapsing and barbarism capitalism should disappear due to an ice-cold profitability – currently at least as cost factors -.

In the sixth part, the ecological limits of the capital should be set out.

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