The sick working company

The increasing crisis competition leads to a rapid increase in mental illnesses in wage dependents

"Work just healthy" – At this denominator, the image-newspaper brought the exports of the Prasident of the Federal Association of German Employers’ Association (BDA), Dieter Hund, who claimed in a conversation with the boulevard sheet that wage work can be mentally ill under no circumstances mentally ill.

"On the contrary: professional system creates self-belief and recognition. It is thus an important basis for mental health", so hundred. Nevertheless, if wage depths illicit mentally, then they are to blame for himself, the BDA boss continued to lead:

The essential causes are in genetic and developing factors, in the family environment, lifestyle and leisure behavior.

Hundt turned hundred with his intervention against a folle of studies and reports, which accurately confirm what the employer’s preacher is so vehemented: work makes sick. By 120 percent, the number of mental illnesses under Germany "Workers" rose since 1994, reported about the scientific institute of the AOK (Wido) in mid-August.

Due to this increase in mental suffering in the spat capitalist, the AOK should have been incurred in the past year of 9.5 billion euros last year. These treatment costs have risen by one billion euros within one year, the AOK Board of Directors Uwe Deh. In 2011, 130 were.000 people alone alone because of the Burnout syndrome, whereby the large increase in boosts were to be recorded: within the past seven years, the burnout-returned illness days are exploded by the elfache to 2.7 million.

At the burnout, one "Work-associated shot state", Also states the Federal Psychotherapist Chamber (BPTK) a veritable explosion of the disease trap, which since 2004 by 1.Have increased 400 percent. During 2004, only 0.6 burnout-related missing days came to 100 insured, this failure rate rose to nine missing days until 2011.

Nevertheless, according to BPTK, the depression at the still most common psychic disease should be found, the 73 missing days per 100 insured exclusion. According to the German employee health insurance (DAK), the mental illnesses in many regions in 2011 are even for the first time on the "third place in the absence" stuck. Nearly 14 percent of all default days of the insured persons of DAK have been reduced to depression or anxiety, which increased by ten percent last year alone.

Add additional work, eliminate difficulties and the "Gratification crisis"

"The mental illnesses are working forward", Commented Barbel Lohrert from client-centered problem advice in Dachau opuber of the Suddeutsche Zeitung. A few years ago, these clinical pictures in the statistics are still "far behind" have been found. Similar growth rates of the everyday capitalist mistakes also report other regions: in Dusseldorf the rose "Number of people with psychological diseases from 2010 to 2011 by ten percent", the WAZ reported, in the district of Fulda there were seven percent.

Not only the classic workers and employees, but also the functioning of the middle management of this increase of mental illnesses are affected, such as the Financial Times Germany (FTD) with reference name to a study by the Institute for Applied Innovation Research (IAI) of the Ruhr University Bochum reported. Every fourth German manager is burnout, even the risk of getting a heart attack is significantly high in this group. Thomas Kley, one of the study authors, explained against the youngest FTD gone from us:

Especially leaders from middle management have a significantly high risk to succumb to a vital impact. They are the so-called converters in the companies, they must take additional work and eliminate difficulties. But the nasty-depth hierarchy level – the passive affected – fight on the limit.

Meanwhile, MediziSocoologists state with the "Gratification crisis" A new popular clinical picture that leads to a 40 to 80 percent higher heart attack risk. This is a deep-seated dissatisfaction, which will be drawn that the employee has the feelings, its services were not gotten to the genus from the supervisors. In the Boomland Bavaria, for example, 11.8 percent of all wage dependents should slowly be consumed by this workforce.

Comprehension and debuting

And there is now extensive unity that it is the (crisis-related) compaction and disruption of working life that leads to this economy of mental deformations with more wage dependencies such as functional straps of capital utilization. the "Limits between work and private life" For millions of wage dependers, became increasingly blurred, for example, the AOK complained, so that those affected are in a state-of-standing workforce and could barely shut down.

Around one third of the insured persons interviewed by the AOK in the context of a study announced that overtime has been carried out in the past few weeks and in the "leisure" Also received and edited by emails or phone calls from the company. Around ten percent of the questioning explained, regularly taking work home, during each eighth defendant to have problems with the compatibility of work and private life. Every second wage dependency also gave, "In principle, reachable outside the working time" to be.

The DGB in turn reported that now almost 70 percent of its members were confronted with weekend work: "35 percent work regularly, 33 percent from time to time on Saturdays and Sundays." This is one of them "Increase by around two-thirds within two decades".

Bullying, harassment, psychoterror

In addition, the intensification of the exploitation of the "Goods worker", which is achieved by a transformation of the concept of freedom, the precariation of working life and a convention of the capitalist. Around one third of all wage dependents can meanwhile working hours "self-determine", reported the AOK. This one "Self-determination" in the crisis competition towards other wage dependents, the workload of all those affected to the outstanding.

the "Worker" That’s why "out of itself clearly out of their performance limits", Constant Antje Ducki, a co-editor of the AOK report. It’s a tremendous identification of those affected "With their work and their respective projects" instead of. In addition, the "Self-standing freelancers" as a "prototype" enforced. Thus, the "Market freedom" Again, as the safest way to rush against each other’s wage-dependent monads from the boundaries of their psychological stress ability.

This existing intensification of the crisis competition aubert in turn in an increase in bullying, harassment and psychoterrors in the workplace. In the case of a survey carried out in 2008, two percent of the surveyed employees responded to have already been victims of a bullying attack himself. Witness of a bullying to colleagues was about one third of the survey participants.

The group that has often been bullied over average, consisting of age departure dependencies, of which 16 percent had to do this experience. This is usually the power protruder, which is directed against supposed or actually weaker. A gross portion of the depression that was stated in the stages mentioned is just based on this increase in crisis competition.

Increase in mental illness

The critical capitalist working society that many of those wage dependents went to burnout, which still have work, also drives the people out of the market of the capital in depression. According to a 2010 Technician Health Insurance Factory (TK), unemploy-free women who are twice as often prescribed antidepressants, such as occupational wage dependent.

Unemployed manner must even have four times so often with psychotropic poster. Again, a faster increase in mental illness has been stated. Within the last decade, the number of psychic conditioned is "Absence" in the people who have caught in capitalist unemployment administration increased by 40 percent.

Apologists from beating a dieter dog were now throwing that exactly these statistics evidence evaluates that "the human being" Now need wage work to stay healthy healthy. In fact, however, these people contradict the fundamental invuls that they are always heavily exposed to progressive crisis development. In the capitalist working company, the work represents the central medium of – purely negative, since labor market-mediated society deposits.

Without wage labor, the wage dependence is a broadener, an applicant of the fetish society, whose social status is far lower than that of the most mislined tailor’s salesperson. The unemployed with the whole torture instrumentarium of crisis administration, which has been developed since Hartz IV, are harassed to accept any work. The whole system of recovery of unemployment is sawing on the unemployed – who are de facto the already from the working company de facto – to give life to the life without having to offer a way out in this treadmuhe.

There are the insulation, the harassment of the "officer" and the omniproaches of resentment against the as "Parasitic" Denunzed unemployed, which drive them into mental illness – and not the lack of capitalist treadmuhle, on the more and more people also despair. A spokesman for TK thus also made it clear that this massive increase in mental illnesses at unemployed only after the importation of Hartz IV labor laws.

Escalating crisis competition

Unemployed like "in progress" Wage dependents are based on the same way to the examination, which are designed by the ever-progressing displacement of wage work within capitalist product production.

The gross the automation potential, the few people are needed to produce gross goods masses in a short time, the stronger, the stronger forms the prere on all those who find still use in the working company, the more brutal the harassment of the harassment The crowd of those who have already been released from the crafting process of capital utilization.

The Wahnwitz inherent in the capitalist system unfolds in the crisis to the full license: the potential material overflow inherent in the productive powers produced by capitalism, transforms the world of work into a true madhouse – for the depressed unemployed as well as the manager threatened by the heart-casper.

The reproduction of the individual-tailored individual as the overall system, such as the overall system, is only possible to vanity work, which is always impacted stronger from goods production. The lower the prospects of wage dependents, in the exploitation process of the capital still to be found a use of use, the stronger the prere of repressive misery, the hysterical the ideological overholding of contract work.

This crisis-related epidemic of insanity, which is always faster around him, also blams the ruling ideology in which the capitalist system is drawn to a state of nature, which is precisely from the natural investments, from an unanimous "nature" should result in humans.

And obviously, the prevailing system of dubbing is greater, that people are mentally breaking in growing abroad at his escalating advice. It only makes sense, from a human "nature" to speak if the human needs is talking about – and that’s exactly these finances can not even satisfy capitalism in his collapse.

More and more wage depths are based on the escalating crisis competition, rather than leaving the official neoliberal ideology that humans people as man shit the Wolf.

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