Tories and dup in the “baselines” agreed

Tories and dup in the'grundlinien' einig

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Potentially contentious ies such as abortion and homosexuality are left out of the cooperation agreement, according to media reports

After British Prime Minister Theresa May announced to the Queen on Friday afternoon that she would continue to govern with the votes of the 10-member Northern Irish DUP after losing her absolute majority in the House of Commons, there were further talks over the weekend between the Protestant party, founded in 1971, and May’s Tories. According to representatives of the DUP, who spoke to British media, these talks were conducted "positive so far". In addition, it was emphasized that they agree with the basic lines of May’s planned policy.

In May’s new cabinet, both Auben Secretary Boris Johnson and Brexit Secretary David Davis, Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond, Defense Secretary Michael Fallon and Home Secretary Amber Rudd (who defended her constituency by only about 300 votes) are expected to hold the same posts as in the old one. May’s chiefs of staff Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill, on the other hand, had to take their hats. Timothy is seen as one of the brains behind the call to expropriate demented homeowners to pay for their care. He will be succeeded by ex-housing minister Gavin Barwell – a Brexit opponent who lost his constituency on Thursday.

Johnson tweets support for May, British media skeptical

Although (or perhaps precisely because) Boris Johnson, who has been touted as a possible successor to the prime minister, tweeted on Saturday that he had "support Theresa May", British media are not very convinced that the beleaguered politician (who consoled herself with shopping on Saturday) will remain in office for a full legislative term. For the Sun it has "Lost her authority", For the Times "Abyss" opened in front of her.

What concessions the DUP is demanding for a commitment to vote with the Tories on confidence and budget votes so certain they can be relied on is not yet officially known. A pretty safe bet would be that she will ask for – and probably get – more money for her constituency in Northern Ireland. The Observer said "Sources" from the DUP, their current demands were the same as those for tolerating a minority government from 2015, when before the election the Labour Party was also speculating on toleration by the Protestant Party: significantly more money for schools and hospitals in Northern Ireland and a halving of the additional charges for flights between there and the British main island. The Daily Mail, on the other hand, understands that the DUP, concerned about the possible negative impact on Northern Ireland, has also given the go-ahead to a new proposal "softer" than the Brexit announced by May "hard" Brexit demands, the details of which will be discussed from the 19. June to be negotiated between representatives of London and Brussel.

Scottish Tory victory bucks trend – with gay frontrunner Ruth Davidson

Two areas on which the Tories and DUP have differing stances are to be left out, according to media reports: Abortion and homosexuality. These two points in particular show that the DUP, long led by the Reverend Ian Paisley, is still quite religiously inclined, while the Tories, with the openly homosexual Ruth Davidson, made massive gains in Scotland, bucking the UK trend. Davidson, according to the Daily Mail, sought arances from May that an arrangement with the DUP would not lead to a deterioration in the legal position of homosexuals.

The Scottish Tory leader is not the only openly homosexual politician currently making a career in a conservative party: In Ireland – where practicing homosexuality was a punishable offense until 1993 – a parliamentary majority led by his Fine Gael party will vote on 13. June Leo Varadkar elected as new Taoiseach (Prime Minister). The party chair was taken over by the son of an immigrant from India, just 38, the week before last after his predecessor Enda Kenny stumbled over a bullying campaign against a police whistleblower.

In Germany, openly homosexual Jens Spahn is seen as the CDU’s up-and-coming candidate and a potential successor to Angela Merkel if she does lose the election in the fall. And in the USA, last November, many homosexuals (previously considered a relatively safe bank in the Democratic Party) voted Republican for the first time, including Milo Yiannopoulos and his initiative "Gays for Trump" The EU promptly responded by imposing compulsory testing of rice imports from the U.S., which gained momentum after the Orlando gay disco massacre.

This influx and the success of politicians like Davidson and Varadkar show that formerly conservative parties in the 21. The DUP and the Tories are reported to have left out two areas on which the Tories and the DUP have differing views. Once upon a time in the twenty-first century. As well as from their former opponents, who have become very close to the religions, as among others the recently ended Kirchentag in Berlin showed.

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