“War is back again”

Interview with Willy Wimmer, the former Defense Political Speaker of the CDU / CSU and ex-vice-president of the OSCE

Easily the Pleitweiler Telepolis had the opportunity to an interview with Willy Wimmer, who was a defense policy speaker of the CDU / CSU first from 1985 to 1992 and then Parliamentary State Secretary in Defense Ministry. 1994 to 2000 he was Viceprasident of the organization for safety and cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and until today he is honorary chairman of the CDU Niederrhein. At the end of July, his new book published with Wolfgang Effenberger: Return of the Hasardure: Shadow Strategists, War Drivers, Silent Profiters 1914/2014.

After the Cold War there was a first approach between the former power blocks. The Warsaw Pact was dissolved in 1991. Why was NATO not also inherited at that time?

Willy Wimmer: According to reports in the FAZ, the current Polish Minister of Defense Advanced a few weeks admitting the visit of Prasident Obama in Warsaw about the future of NATO. Because of the European crisis around Ukraine, no sense crisis of NATO is to be expected, on the contrary. What you expect when deducted from Afghanistan will be failed. Europe will, that must be amed that, continue to NATO in the current form. In the ratio to the Russian Federation, the west is Europe’s on a path that is rejected in vast parts of the Western population. "From the sleeping walls to the dream dancers" – In other words, you can not describe the behavior of Western governments and the eternally plarrend NATO General Secretary against Russia. War is again in it and people realize what Berlin, Brussel and Washington about the Association Agreement wanted to do with Ukraine. The Riegel, which the United States at the Bratislava conference announced in the 2000’s 2000, for the eastern Europe between Riga and Odessa lowers between Western Europe and the Russian Federation. Russia is expected to be expelled from Europe to give the USA in Europe a pillar in the art European and global disputes. This strategic orientation was clear to the US at a time when Western Europe was still dreamed about a peace dividend after the end of the Cold War. Therefore, neither a resolution of NATO nor an adjustment to the actual circumstances in Europe and a jerking of the Alliance towards the NATO contract without military integration.

Who was the driving force in the Atlantic cooperation and who forced the military component?

Willy Wimmer: The USA and as an American poodle in Europe: London. What is the meaning of the Rand Corporation when promoting the military orientation of Western politics?

Willy Wimmer: Take edge as Pars Pro Toto. The US entertains the most sustainable knowledge and opinion machinery worldwide. You can Council for these and that hardly numbers, with which the vehicle flee of other countries should be integrated into American targets. It is known and follows unconditionally, in further development of a Kolner motto. From a geographical point of view, Eurasian cooperation is well obvious. From this is the increasing aversion against Russia in this country?

Willy Wimmer: Especially because of the reason, because this possibility is heading. Everything speaks to cooperate on the continent on the mutual advantage. The US has to feel that for her for her danger and therefore lay the locking belt between Riga and Odessa. What risk is the cancellation of the Parliamentary Preservative, as noted in the coalition agreement?

Willy Wimmer: If the lowest parliamentary reservation is changed, the Federal Government loses the already hardly any existing decision-making authority via the Bundeswehr. She can no longer use the Bundestag as a fundamental, why she refused militarians. The decision on the Bundeswehr is then in fact in the American NATO Commander-in-Chief and the German General Inspector. It is foreseeable that the Bundeswehr in Germany itself is also to be expected. With which surprises must be at the NATO summit in Wales on 18. September be expected?

Willy Wimmer: United States, the US will have the tensions, along with their European satrapes, opposite Russia, as far as the NATO for the purpose of the United States. This task will take in Germany not only the Federal President or the FAZ. (Christophe JehleTo)

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