480 Atomic bombs still store in european states

In Germany, according to a report of an American organization, there are still 150 atomic bombs, which represents a violation of the nuclear weapons closure contract

If the nuclear detachment contract is negotiated in May in New York, then roughly and wide surgical clearances of North Korea and Iran will be reported. But even in Germany and other European countries, the over the "Nuclear participation" constantly against the "Non-distribution contract of nuclear weapons" (NVV) violate. A study of the independent US organization Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) confirmed, whereupon nuclear arms opponents for years. He also confirms the amptions that more US atomic bombs are stored in Europe than previously amed.

480 atomic bombs still store in European states

US nuclear weapons in Europe. Image: nrdc

480 atomic bombs were stored in eight European states, 150 – maybe only 110 – in Germany (Ramstein, Buchel), the report u.S. Nuclear Weapons in Europe on his 102 pages. It is based on free secret documents, militar publications and commercial satellite recordings. During Russia as agreed, all nuclear weapons have deducted from former states of the Warsaw Pact, US bombs still camped in the UK, the Netherlands, in Belgium, Italy, Greece and Turkey. Overall, this arsenal is significantly larger than the entire nuclear power of China.

That about twice as many nuclear bombs in Europe are stored as previously thought, many Europeans may surprise. "But the gross question is: Why are you still there, although the cold war has ended for a decade?" Neither the US nor NATO are able to give a credited answer to what purpose is pursued with these weapons explained Hans M. Kristensen, the author of the study.

"The political and military justifications, which find the US and NATO for US nuclear weapons in Europe, are both outdated and very indeterminate", Sets the report. The range of the tornadoes is limited, with which the atomic bombs should be brought to the finish. Long-distance rackets, which the US and Great Britain weighed, put the stationing in Europe overflowed.

The New York Times quoted on Wednesday the spokesman for the European Curry W. Graham. The established that the US continues to have a considerable nuclear arsenal in Europe. It serves strategic deterrence to "Peace and stability in the region" to maintain. A retired high officer also explained that they are open to them, they against "Rogue states" inserted, Syria and Iran included when that threatened with unconventional weapons.

"Preventive" is the new magic word of militar strategists. Thus, with the alleged existence of weapons of mass destruction already the "Praventivress" justified against Iraq and so the discussion shifts via the use of nuclear weapons. 60 years after the first use of atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki is not descended, but worked on new nuclear weapons such as bunker busters and mini nuces (political explosives). After 14 years, the US has resumed the production of nuclear weapons 2003 (rebooting US nuclear weapons production). "Atomic weapons play an ever greater role in the planning of militar strategists", explained Roland Blach for the DFG-VK opposite Telepolis.

Such escalators also the militar’s warrior scenarios, the praventive use of nuclear weapons. In view of the discussions about the North Korea nuclear program and the conflict on the Iranian nuclear program, the question of atomic invades get a new urgency (North Korea explained to own nuclear weapons). Therefore, the peace movement for 2020 calls for a nuclear-weapon-free world. In view of the review conference on the nuclear detachment contract in May in New York, it was unavoidable to initiate the beginning of the negotiations for the complete abruming of all nuclear weapons. That has been contractually ared since 1968 and only so KONNE the further spread of nuclear weapons are stopped. The example North Korea show that "Currently reported regimes for non-proliferation of nuclear weapons", explained blach.

480 atomic bombs still store in European states

The incident can begin immediately in Germany. Because the NRDC study also determines how many US atom bombs in the war in the hands of the Bundnispartner Ubergingen. A total of 180 bombs were handed over to Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey. With this "Nuclear Outsourcing", the report as "critical" denotes, will also be violated against the nuclear weapon closure contract, as they like to do it other states. The discussion can be colored when China was stored in North Korea atomic bombs, whose bombers are for their use of their use and their pilots for this former. "That’s exactly what the US is in Europe", explained Kristensen. The Treaty prohibits the equipment of non-nuclear states with the means for atomic war performance. Under Article I and II, the Contracting Parties undertake "To pass on nuclear weapons and other core sprging or the fractional violence of anyone directly or indirectly" or "to ame the frosting violence of anyone directly or indirectly."

In Germany, for example, in the aviatorhorst of the Bundeswehr Buchel, where, according to the report, 20 nuclear bombs are stored, which in case of emergency German plane should bring to the goal in case of emergency. This is neither denied by the Federal Government Neither. But on this fact, groups like the non-violent action abolish nuclear weapons (GAAA), attentively for years. Several times are nuclear arms "Civil inspections" Forwarded on the grand fades to check whether the Volkerrecht be complied with in Buchel.

Protest posters in Buchel

Currently trying to make the pilots for the command refusal against "The Volker and Legal Nuclear Participation" to move. Even on the distribution of flight blunts in Buchel is reacted sensitively. In November, four nuclear arms were sentenced to two months in prison. In his defense before the court, the peace researcher Wolfgang Sternstein also relied on a legal opinion of the International Court of Justice (IGH) in The Hague. The IGH explained in July 1996, already the threat of an atomic bombing "fundamentally marketing". Nevertheless, the current Federal Government also holds on the nuclear participation.

The Federal Government has the exchange of Tornadoes through the Eurofighter currently to draw a good the possibility of the affairs, says Blach. How that works, Greece has shown. According to the study, the US atomic bombs were strictly secret "Directive 74" deducted in the spring of 2001. This is the consequence of the Greek decision not to modernize its bombing aircraft for the transport of atomic bombs.

According to the reporting of the nuclear weapons in Europe, according to the report, the continued deployment of nuclear weapons in Europe did not only work with a better ratio with Russia, "but hurts the global chat of troubleshooting rogue states from the development of atomic bombs". A deduction from the Mediterranean countries was also given a new impetus for creating an atomic zone-free zone in the Middle East. "Such initiatives have been a real plus the security of NATO", Turn the report.

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