Beyond meat: meatless food is becoming chic

After Bill Clinton, Al Gore also became a vegan, vegetarian Bill Gates and others invest in companies that want to replace animal products

After Bill Clinton, his former vice president and one-time presidential candidate Al Gore, who became a climate change leader, has also become a vegan. A U.S. president or vice president in the U.S. is probably not allowed to do that yet. George W. Bush, who won a controversial election against Al Gore, preached fitness and weight loss, but the Texan had and still has no objection to meat, just like his arch-conservative vice president Dick Cheney, who is currently standing between his daughters. They’re warring because one is a lesbian and the other wants to pick up a Senate seat and opposes gay marriage in a fight against the Republican incumbent.

Beyond meat: meatless food is becoming chic

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And the Obamas celebrate good food, praise fresh vegetables and fruits, give recipes (mostly for cakes or subs), have their own food blog Obamafoodorama, where they give good advice, and encourage Americans to cook and garden themselves, Michelle Obama has a vegetable garden, which is celebrated accordingly. Barack Obama has already pardoned some turkeys. Reportedly, Barack Obama’s favorite food is broccoli.

Bill Clinton loved meat, fatty foods and fast food. But when he fell ill and had to undergo serious heart surgery in 2004, he began to switch to vegan food – not out of ideology, animal rights or climate protection, but for personal health reasons. Since some time he seems to live completely vegan, so he doesn’t eat cheese or yoghurt anymore. It would do the health system and the country good if people paid more attention to food, he says, but then also.

Now Al Gore has also become a vegan. This became known rather accidentally, he has obviously no message associated with it, although he put everything on it, for example, by the film "An Inconvenient Truth", to be at the forefront of climate change mitigation and to save the world from global warming. However, this was not done altruistically; he also wants to earn money from investments in renewable energies and has thus strengthened the criticism of some who see climate protection primarily as an attempt to tap new sources of money. There is also a new book by him: "The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change", where he mixes many things together. Gore received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 together with the IPCC.

The reason why Al Gore decided to become vegan a few months ago is not known, writes the Washington Post. This may also have been done for health reasons. However, environmental and climate protection considerations could also be behind this. Apparently, Gore, like Bill Gates, a vegetarian, or Oeter Thiel, is interested in the company Hampton Creek Foods, whose head is a vegetarian. The company also wants to make the use of eggs obsolete for animal welfare and environmental reasons and has developed a mayonnaise without eggs. Other creations are to follow.

Our vision is to become the market leader in the development and introduction of new plant protein products. We are focused on perfectly replacing animal protein with plant protein where doing so creates nutritional value at lower cost.

Beyond Meat

Meatless could therefore become not only chic, but also profitable. Oprah Winfrey also promotes meatless food, Bill Gates promotes vegeatric food and like German Grunen promotes a meatless day. Industrial meat production is responsible for 51 percent of greenhouse gases, he says. If more people continue to eat meat, there will be a problem, which is why he wants to demand innovations that can replace meat. He also called for genetically modified plants because vegetable proteins were healthier. Bill Gates invested in the Obvious Corporation, which was founded by Twitter founders Biz Stone and Evan Williams. This is about.a. around the "Beyond Meat", thus, to invest in products that can replace meat. A chicken imitation made from plant proteins tasted good to Gates, who saw in it the future of nutrition – and naturally also a future market with the promise of profit.

The libertarian Peter Thiel, who invests in vegetable mayonnaise, also calls for in-viro meat, that is, in the production of meat in the petri dish from muscle cells, on which for years Mark Post has been researching at the University of Maastricht and has recently presented the first burger. However, he has 250.000 US dollars, but of course this is supposed to be cheaper in mass production (Is the burger from the petri dish halal or kosher?)?). Not only Peter Thiel, but also Google founder Sergey Brin calls for the production of artificial meat.

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