More heavy storm floods

More heavy storm floods

Hurricane Ike, 2008. Image: Noaa / Common-free

The Energy and Climate Week Show: From successful burger wind projects, a pairing in the solar industry, tooth climate languages and solar power of coal-fired power plants

The Federal Network Agency has submitted a balance of the first round of tender for wind energy to country. Accordingly, the submitted 256 offered with a total circumference of 2.137 Megawatt 70 A surcharge that wants to build a power of 807 MW together. On average, the operators will get 5.71 cents per kilowatt hour, making their electricity much cheaper than that of a new coal-fired power plant.

96 percent of the surcharge volume, ie the approved power bubble, was based on burger energy companies. Thus, the launches have not been true, these were advised by the tendering procedures. These 65 operators now have 54 months time to implement their tarpaulin. The remaining must have built their investments already after 30 months. Otherwise, sensitive sentences threaten.

Almost all burger energy companies have made use of the possibility to be opened only to them to submit bids before the existence of a permit under the Federal Immission Protection Act. The real addition could therefore end up being lower than the superimposed 807 MW if one or the other project should not get this permit. The Federal Association Wind Energy BWE sees in the surprisingly good performance of the burger projects, for a high level of acceptance at the locations. He also demands that any problems due to lack of approval must be advertised.

New insecurity threatens

In order to assess the impact of the new procedure for spatial distribution within Germany, the variety of actuaries, as well as to the extent and temporal distribution of the expansion of wind energy, the next peaking hours had to be awaited. Uncertainties ahead of BWE-Prasident Hermann Albers ahead, if tenders of tenders also take place from the next year, technology-independent and breeze, so if wind and solar energy must compete directly with each other.

The next tender is in the summer and for the third round must be given the bids in November. At the manufacturer’s association VDMA Power Systems one is concerned, the gross number of project, which have received a surcharge without permission, could lead to uncertainties in the art market scope. Accordingly, the regulation may be improved.

Like that, the differences in temper are rather minimal. In exceptional cases, 2018 can still be built without participation in the tendering process wind turbines on land. After the old system, the operators receive 8.16 for the electricity from these facilities in the first five years and then another 15 years 4,45 cents per kilowatt hour.

On average, the above 20 years are about 5.4 cents per kilowatt hour. Wind power is already quite favorable and the tenders seem to serve to cover the expansion. For a better room distribution, De First Round has not taken care of.

On Saxony, Thuringen and Baden-Wurttemberg, no single supplement and only two two with the lean volume of 21.4 MW was united at Bayern. By contrast, the gros of the cluster was united on Brandenburg, Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony, so consistently on federal standards who have already installed a lot of wind power performance.

Solar cover criticized

For solar systems, there have been a tender for about two years. Since the 1. January 2017 she is duty for all installations over 0.75 MW. The Federal Association Solar Economy (BSW-Solar) draws a positive balance of the realization rates for the first rounds.

96 percent of the supervised projects had been implemented. In addition, the solar power from these projects with 6.6 cents per kilowatt hour is now favorable as electricity from newly built coal or gas power plants. "There is no more reason to top photovoltaics", Thus, BSW Solar Business Car Start Carsten Kornig.

The quarry auction volume should be triple in a first step in a first step. This maaking is required to achieve the climate protection goals, but to cover the growing ok electricity requirements – not least for the electromobility – efficiently and excerpt. Another cost reduction of solar power is possible if at the same time the coarse and location notifications for new solar parks are loosened.

Carsten Kornig, BSW Solar business drivers

Also grain, however, turns to compete for artificial solar and wind energy in joint tenders against each other. Corresponding pilot writing should be given on proposal from the EU Commission from 2018. The energy transition needs both technologies as a suction. His Association agree with the BWE that in the context of a joint tendering – with contractual complexity – no fair competitive conditions would be.

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