Nsu murder series unclear: bohnhardt and mouthless were explained to the altars

NSU murder series unclear: Bohnhardt and mouthless were explained to the altars

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Inquiry Committee of the Bundestag questions the investigations of the BKA

A tendency determination determined the investigations after starting the NSU trio in November 2011. Until then, none of the 27 actions, which were dubbed between 1998 and 2011, had been clarified underneath the ten murders. But as on the 4. November 2011 Uwe Bohnhardt and Uwe Fermos died, the supreme investigative keeps decided very fast:

The two were the sole tatter, without municipal, at all crimes. Only Beate Zschape, main defendant of the process in Munchen, have supported it. The investigation should be guided by there so that Bohnhardt and the mouthless is proven the deed.

This explained to one of the leading investigators of the Federal Criminal Office (BKA) the deputy of the NSU Investigating Committee in the Bundestag, Axel Kuhn. Kuhn, 43 years old, at that time the PBA’s location center led, obedient to the welfare rod of "Bao Trio" (Special Construction Organization, Say: The Central Investigation Commission in the NSU complex) and led to the BKA until May 2015 the Succession Commission "EG trio".

Range a rather weak figure

The statement came from the top, the BKA Prassident Jorg Ziercke, so Kuhn. Ziercke explained, task of the Bao is not, "Closing glitches and deficits of the past, but to provide a proof that Bohnhardt and Fundlos were the taders". Criticism did not have Kuhn.

The Federal Criminal Police Office in turn is commissioned by the Supreme law enforcement instance of the Federal Republic, the Federal Prosecutor. At that time in the fall of 2011, the author has been standing for a few days of a new Bundesanwalth (GBA), Harald Range. Range, a civil servant shortly before retirement, was an emergency solution. The Favorit Johannes Schmalzl to live in the Office, once socket protection chief of Baden-Wurttemberg, was previously previously prevented by a calculated indiscretion of the Brandenburg General Official Erardo Rautenberg. Rautenberg had published compromising emails from Schmalzl.

GBA Range was a rather weak figure. The definition, exclusively the two UWES as the NSU-Morder to see, came either from the authority itself or directly from the Federal Government.

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