School police for the lumpenproletariat

A Berlin politician wants a "repressive" According to Freerk Huisken, he can fall back on common racism and prevailing logic

A Berlin politician has visited London and Rotterdam. He brought home the idea of "repression". SPD party member and Berlin district mayor Heinz Buschkowsky thus caused unrest in his own ranks. Such an unbiased right-wing plea for social control could be considered embarrassing by the SPD. Nor can Buschkowsky score points with his proposal for capped social benefits for large families, so soon after the published poverty reports. He presented on Wednesday at the deputies committee of the FDP his regulatory policy wishes for Berlin – ideas that he had collected during his travels. His own party comrades stayed away from the invitation.

The motto from Rotterdam "No prevention without repression". "That has something", says Buschkowsky, who also explained his view in the Tagesspiegel interview on 1. July unfolded. He is not least concerned with "Identification with the state". "A regular working life" He would like to see more controls, especially among migrant youths. And the police should work more closely with schools.

Buschkowsky is mayor of Neukolln, a district with a migrant population of around 40 percent. That does not prevent that he already 2005 of the right-wing newspaper "Young Freedom" gave an interview, and against "The Multi-Kulti Concept" in Neukolln railed. Today, too, he invokes a Volksgemeinschaft, and warns against migrant families with many children, who "have established themselves in the social system". Coincidentally, this is happening in the same week that a nationwide demonstration is drawing attention to the social and legal discrimination against refugees.

Buschkowsky’s ideas are met with incomprehension by the Berlin working group Marginalized – Yesterday and Today. The alliance has brought together political activists and social scientists to commemorate the socially marginalized in an ongoing series of events in history. One focus was commemorating the forgotten Nazi victims group "Anti-social".

"Buschkowsky’s call for disciplining the unemployed assigns them the blame for social problems and serves the scapegoat mentality", so Lothar Eberhardt of the AK Marginalized. "His mask has a discriminatory effect and is against human dignity." Ultimately, this diverted attention from the real problem of poverty management. Hartz IV itself is a "The system of injustice cemented by Buschkowsky’s revisions".

Migrant youths as a problem case – this became a topic again by the SPD politician and an approving FDP committee. The public debate about young people has long preoccupied the professor of pedagogy Dr. Freerk Huisken in Bremen, who works on the focus of the training sector. After the Neukolln Rutli-school-eclat he wrote the book "about the ungovernability of the school people", in which he denounces an increasingly authoritarian regulatory policy that does not want to know about the social problems of young people.

"Politics against those who do not send themselves to their misery"

Mr. Huisken, Meanwhile, the mayor of Neukolln already wants to "Repression" apply it against young people who do not immediately accept a job. "Social behavior" and the taking of job offers he would like to control, and in the case of deaths social benefits short. AQ: There the social democrat is fully in line with the other parties from FDP to CDU to NPD. First politics and economics with school, economic and foreign-political sorting provide themselves for the fact that ever more young people living here do not have a chance to provide themselves under the arranged competition conditions a somewhat durable basis for life, and then the same politics explains that against these young people only the "zero tolerance concept" helps, if they do not send themselves obediently and legally into their misery. That’s why his ideas about "gainful employment" are also purely regulatory and have nothing to do with "acquisition", which at some point must have meant the acquisition of money. Buschkowsky wants them off the streets, and that’s why a social democrat of his ilk can’t muster any understanding today for the fact that young people might not be so keen on "jobs" that don’t pay enough to live on, that are unacceptable as work, and in which they – especially as "migrant" youth – are subjected to harassment that goes beyond the normal mab of harassment of native wage workers. "Discipline" and "active repressive crackdown" – Favorite words of Buschkowsky. He wants London-style school police to intervene when needed. How do you estimate this proposal?

Freerk Huisken: Completely insufficient: It had to be urgently supplemented around school entrance controls with detectors, teacher arming and the reintroduction of the Karzers, like in former times the school jail hieb. Or all schools should be required to wear school uniforms, including flag roll call, stand at attention and stand for the national anthem before the start of the school day. It is obvious that the introduction of "cultural values" such as "respect for violence" – according to Buschkowsky in the Tagesspiegel – can only take place with the use of state power, which is naturally exempt from any respect.

"Gangster racisms: blacks openly dealing"

Buschkowsky describes the inhabitants with migrant background in Neukolln as "Minority", under the "the majority to suffer" have. Where does a society with such political representatives go??

Freerk Huisken: If Buschkowsky, as an elected representative of a popular party, represents the ruling majority, then there is really nothing to fear for the safety of the majority in the face of the minority. It is quite astonishing with what audacity the district mayor turns things upside down with calculated use of all the common racisms – of "blacks" who openly deal, of women in "full body coverings" who do not belong here, of the "child wealth" of poor people who want to grab blob social dough: As if these people had chosen their fate of poverty themselves, and then from there to tyrannize the "majority". Who is actually bullying whom here? Where the company goes with the Buschkowskys? Straight into that capitalist age in which more and more economically affluent people are segregated as a lumpenproletariat and fenced in by regulatory policy. What the concept of the G8 countries is for the countries of origin of immigrants – containment, sealing borders and camp life – can be achieved in the interior of the metropolises with an organized monopoly on violence and social repression. Buschkowsky also criticizes that young people attend school inadequately and are then not qualified enough for an apprenticeship. Would you agree that there is a problem?

Freerk Huisken: Problem sure, the only question is which one and for whom? What the Social Democrat lists as problems are certainly not those that the young or adult members of the local precariat have to face have, but such problems, which they would like to leave to the state supervision make! If he "takes problems seriously," as it says in the interview, then his own alone. If at some point young people start to drop out of school, since their chances of getting at least a sliver of an orderly life, along with a secure livelihood, have dropped to zero anyway, it is because they know that school offers them no "perspective" whatsoever. Then they invent their "perspective" on the street. Where else. This disturbs the order of the Buschkowskys! I would go even further and say that if young "school avoiders" cannot read, write and do arithmetic properly after ten years of state school, then this is certainly not due to the lessons they have missed, but rather to those they have not missed: As migrants with no language requirement, they are excluded from school, left behind from the outset by their fellow students from well-educated homes, and then shunted off to the rest of the school by the teachers – this is how the local school system produces illiterate fleib. The stort – on amtern and the Dienstherren. School has just become illiterate? What then, in your opinion, could ruling politicians have done with "Qualification" opine?

Freerk Huisken: Now if Buschkowsky wants to cart the kids to school with the school police, that "qualifies" them tremendously. They will learn a lot for life. Z.B.: You have to go to school because compulsory education does not allow exceptions. Even if the teaching staff has long since pronounced the verdict of failure on schoolchildren, making school attendance rather pointless. They also learn that in this country, violence reigns, and that if you can’t be stronger, you can’t be caught by it. And they learn: Their "life" only takes place outside of school and police oversight.

"You don’t have a chance, so take it – applies to migrant youth today"

"In Brixton you only see black people on the streets"- apparently a horror in the eyes of Buschkowsky. What are the social opportunities for migrant youth under such a mayor??

Freerk Huisken: There is something strange about these German politicians who recommend everyone, if they can afford it, to get to know foreign people and cultures on vacation: black, yellow, red people, in unfamiliar clothing – "full-body covering" – and with foreign usages. There one discovers at the misery only Pittoreskes. Here, on the contrary, one discovers in the "picturesque" only the misery, which in its manifestations is then promptly declared to be a disturbance of order. The chances that migrant youths have under such a local, regional or national regime follow the old sponti slogan: You don’t have a chance, so take it. So: accept every rejection from companies, gratefully accept every one-euro job because, as we know, it gives life a meaning and the day a rhythm, and hope that any lapses will not immediately result in expulsion. (Annette Schall)

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