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Death in police custody, in cogs and by armed policemen in Great Britain

During the West and About Tony Blair "moral consideration" stressed, in the UK, innocent people in arrests, in police cells and cogs or are shot at open strain, because they are suspected of wearing a weapon. New Labour promised with malades, but the trap continues and the reform of the judicial system comes, if overhead, just progressing. The London’s novelist John Barker, whose thriller "Deadline" Especially with Dumont appeared in German and who has been working with these topics for decades, FUR Telepolis summarized the younger story and presence of this trap.

You might think that censorship of the past has been attended. Things that were still taboo 30 years ago is now one of the standards of visual culture, which is saturated with a variety of manifestations of sexuality. However, what has not changed in the same period is the regularity, with which people in police custody come to death, with chases with police cars (also one "default" our everyday culture), shot in cogs or policemen. Not only the regularity of these events has remained the same, but also the way it is prevented that the truth comes out about each of this single trap so that the police can be relieved.

In recent months, the Police Federation has made it practically impossible, the movie "Injustice" to show, which had been produced over a period of 6 years with the support of the United Families and Friends (UFF) about such death trap in police custody. The censorship has adopted a new form, because the Platerials federation has hired top rights laws to show against cinemas who are willing to show the film, at the last minute judicial litations that prohibit the training under threat of draconific fines. So far, the cinemas have recovered the film each time, probably under the legitimate amption that they were subject to court, the privileged role is considered, which occupies the police in the judicial system. One or two secret starts has given it, which may show, where in the only selectively modern coexistee the real underground still gives.

In 1970, there were two trap – of David Oluwale, a young black, who lived in Leeds on the Strain, and Stephen McCarthy, a young man from the Islington district, which destroys it from a rough Irish family – the people in the awareness – the people who are such things from one or other reason – that it is possible to be arrested by the police and no longer come out alive. Splitting death trap are the subject of the investigation specifically for state-of-the-art official in its own court, the Coroner’s Court, a part of the British legal system in which there is an archaic diversity and as much hocus-pocus, which essentially contributes that responsibility becomes a slippery thing although it is demanded by the state. At the Coroner’s Court there are also juries and, as in other parts of the legal system, it is customary here the jury, of which you can most likely expect to defend a usual burger injustice. But unlike normal dishes, the Coroner’s Court is the decisive decision power at the Coroner itself, a functionary of the state.

So it happened that when examining the death of Stephen McCarthy the Coroner on a verdict "natural cause" plow. That, after he had rejected evidence, of which Stephens family demanded that they are appealed; After he had admitted that the two officials who had made the arrest were present during the entire trial in the courtroom; After he had warned two eyewitnesses, those young mans who have observed statements, as the adverse policemen Stephen’s head had rammed into that bus station he had been picked up. Other attributes of this case have repeated over the years with others: refusal to hold a public examination; Attacks on demonstrations that demand the like; and, above all, the systematic victim of the victims of such forcolores due to therein policite teams, the untrue and semi-tributary to willy playing media "leak out" permit.

In the decade from 1970 to 1980, 274 people died in police custody or shortly afterwards in hospitals after they are in such "custody" finished. The quantities of figures steens steep during the entire decade. But even the statistics had to be excavated by dedicated investigations, the Metropolitan Police leaked until 1979 no records. Two years later, the organization was founded in quest, with the aim of watching such forelament and to offer the families concerned as a support of support. This followed the death of Blair Peach, a teacher who died in an anti-racist demonstration, from the "Special Patrol Group" the police had been dissolved and that brought a series of official and unofficial mansion. This was not a poor isolated alcoholic or a police-owned black teenager, but the examination went along the same tracks. The crucial was that the results of the own internal investigation of the police (the CASS Report) were not admitted as evidence. So far is the power of the coroner.

Twenty years later has changed little. For example, it is still so that, while the judicial representation costs of the police and prison kennis are coarsent of public funds, the families of victims of sudden death trap in police custody no legal assistance. In the case of Alton Manning, a black examination adhesive (which means that he is formally innocent), which died in the custody of Blakenhurst in December 1995, were the most documentary evidence in the hands of the Ministry of Interior and the United Konigreich’s detention center system. How it formulated inquest, "has been decided to share the access to the relevant documents and the few what came through the coroner went through the Coroner." His death was the third case caused by "Tape" In a British cog within two months.

Other features of the case are unfortunately only too well known and, in fact, build on a grotesque pattern when black man and women died because false or forbidden festival techniques (sausages on the neck or bondage with the head down) were used. The investigation about Alton Maning’s death took place in Marz 1998 and came to the unanimous result of the illegal totung. 12 times, the jurors have resisted the power structure of the Coroner last decade and falls such a judgment. But no single policeman or prison kit was convicted of so far because of the participation in such a tottion. Only three traps came to a trial. The barrier makes another artfully independent link of the legal system, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and the Director of Public Prosecutage (DPP).

– Shiji Lapite, a black, deceased 1994; Death by police neck handle and kicking against the head; A judgment on illegal totung, although the Coroner had warned the jury, they could only fall this judgment if they are quite sure they are manslaughter; no charge.

– Ibrahima Sey, a black, deceased 1996; Death by police holding with his head down; no charge.

In the case of Alton Manning came the CPS (only in the UK, you can do something like that "service" Name) Four times to the decision, none of the prison kennel involved in his death: two times after bettled police investigations; then shortly after the judgment of the illegal totung and one last time in June of this year.

This last decision is deeply descriptive, because it was followed by a court ruling of April 2000, which said that the declaration of the CPS asked why it had no indictment after the swore judgment, "Do not stand before the law KONNE". And what makes it worse, it follows on an PR campaign of the CPS, with whom we wanted to know that it has changed.

This is a familiar tactic for the purposes of the Law-and-Order industry with criticism. For example, if the boss inspector of the prison system (which the government has just ceased) a deeply critical report after another, one can be sure that the director of the affected institution is the next day in the media and, without to take on the concrete premieges, ared, it has changed in the one or two months since the visit of the inspector everything to positive. In the case of the CPS, the change was first forced, so the chance was that there was really something to change. The Fruhere Director of the DPP, Barbara Mills, Tragerin of the Order of the Crown, had been forced in 1998 for jerking after she had not shown itself in front of the Highest Court of Justice to explain why there was no charge in three different traps, two of them due to illegal totung; As a result of the Butler report on the decisions of the CPS, which seemed to bring some improvements in death traps in police custody. The new head of the DPP, David Calvert-Smith, has since gently playing media interviews by admitting it that there was racist elements in the CPS, with which he is now invumbed, in other words, the known technique too say that-War then-and-now-are-we-on.

The decision on Alton Manning Straft lugen this attitude. After the renewed decision by the CPS this year, no charge to raise, the lawyer commented on the manning family, Raju Batt, following:

"… This can only mean that they (CPS and DPPs) continue to be determined to go out of the path to the implications of the available evidence and that, it seems to be the credibility of the law enforcement system or the rule of law."

Three, very easily, the procedure of the CPS, which has understood evidence in countless errors of the judiciary, because the case of Alton Manning is not the only one this year. There is Cristopher Alder, another black, a multi-excellent ex-falsejager died in a cell in the Queens Gardens Police Station in Hull in April 1998. This time, there was evidence on video about the death of the 37-year-old after being arrested in a hospital, wherever they had taken him. In August 2000, after seven-year evidence, the jurors at the Coroners Court fallen the judgment of the illegal totung after the CPS had already refused twice the indictment, based on a botched police investigation. On the 9th.April was announced that Hull’s police had tried to appeal against this decision before the highest court, but failed. The lawyer of the family, Ruth Bundey, said:

"That was a time-consuming distraction – we now hope that a comprehensive investigation about how Cristopher ALDEN has come to be recaptured."

What a hope! Only 16 days later the CPS said that the police officers in Hull are not charged with manslaughter, as the judgment of the jury suggested. Nevertheless, the importance of such decisions of the jury "Legal totung" Not high enough to be raised, one draws namely the strong prere on them, not to fall. Because of the case of Glen Howard, for example, in which the Coroner has only two judgments, that of an open cause of death or an accident death. The jury ignored his statement to refrain from any accompanying exercise and found that excessive festive techniques and lack of medical care have contributed to death. It should not be forgotten that police officers are not forced to answer such questions, in which they were answered by themselves. You can apply for anonymity.

So far, it seems that the report does not make a difference on the failure of the CPS. Unfortunately, you have to say the same of the Human Rights Act of October 2000, whose imports the British government had to be forced to be forced with hands and farms. The only claim of the government has so far to have bugged errors in the legal system, therefore, there is in the investigation about the murder of Stephen Lawrence and the resulting statement that there is institutional racism in the police. Recommendations – the MC-Pherson report – have since been rejected or ignored by police and their media-allies, as those that families can claim legal assistance in investigations about succinct death trap in police custody.

Gobritain is today a far less racist society than in the 1970s, yet this overweight is still a far coarse probability to die for black manner and women in police custody. Further features follow in depressed sequence.

– The rules on festival techniques continue to be ignored, especially when it is angry, so if someone loses his life. – The less spectacular but numerous death trap of people with drug or alcohol problems – and there are certain institutions, those who are becoming horror stories over time. The Youth Center Ashford got such a bad reputation for numerous suicides that she was renamed to Feltham, but where there is only more suicides – the police station of the London district Stoke Neingington, for example, the scene of the death of ASETA SIMMS, 1971; Michael Ferrarira, 1978; Colin Roach, 1983, to Sarah Thomas in the spades of nineties, all of black skin color.

The tasteless tactic is the most tactics that slander the victims. In the seventies Stephen Waldorf was hit by six jokes, which were fired by a police officer through his car disk, who believed he was a criminal named Dave Martin and he moved to him with the knob of the same pistol one over. The police spread clearly, he is a drug handler or a secret accomplice of Dave Martin. Stephen Waldorf surely survived and reached an excess judgment, but the police were acquitted with the argument of self-defense. ASETA SIMMS, the black woman died in Stoke Newington’s police station, had head wounds that pointed out that she was beaten, but the media swallowed the story spread by the police that she had been a drinker. Similarly, in a case of 1984, which was hardly reported, Michael Shenley, who was killed by a ground-looking police car, who was in a unimportant chase without blue lights, and from which the police said he had been drunk what his friends but abseats. Similarly, it did not happen to a young man in 2001 recently in 2001, which was overriding under similar circumstances from a police car.

The slander of the victims is part of what falls in all these, where policemen or prison kit are involved in a death, because it is never their fault. Both are part of their ingredient misery in the media, like Hard they had it and that Never hear her guilt could be. After the shot on the innocent Stephen Waldorf, the police association said that "Armed civil servants should have a form of legally protection, a kind of immunite against accusations."

The decision of the CPS 25 year later to the case of Harry Stanley – shot in Hackney because he had carried a table leg, in a sad farce examined by the police station, which should actually be investigated – runs out to the finding that if The police believe that someone is armed, it was inevitable to push this person immediately. And despite the fact that the police had had more than enough time to determine that Harry Stanley had not been armed.

This refusal to take responsibility for their deeds, like a Cockney criminal of Annodazumal to say, "…It was not me, Mr. Richter", Convinced poorly with the static teachings of the British government that we also had duties in return for our burger rights. Likewise, it is contracted with the broken refusal to hold a public investigation into police custody (always with the fundamental that it is not necessary because it would give the examination of the Coroner’s administration) that the government steadily standing for the third world about the Need to be taught more transparency and the rule of law. Instead, the Crown Prosecution Service streens the attitude of the police, which – because they are just as they are only people, that is a help for the police in difficult circumstances – in the end to the feeling has to act that they can trade unpunished. This was best described by Donald Douglas, after his brother Brian, a black, died in May 1995, after being beaten in London by the police with the then new long-stalked styles of American style:

"I fear that the number of people who have been totated into police custody in recent years without remedying remedy to influence the attitude of those officials than they love their sculpture on the cradle of my brother."

Since then we had the McPherson report, but the case of Roger Sylvesters appears like a horrible paradigm of the whole described range of injustice.

-Roger Sylvester, man, black, died in January 1999; Death by holding; Refusal of the CPS, charges; No legal assistance for the family; continue to refuse "Reformer" To allow David Calvert-Smith evidence; Cuff murder at the character of the victim, which was presented in the press as a drug depender with mental disorders. But neither this is true, nor the information forwarded by the police to the Times that he had been a crack smoker.

Rogers family, however, does not give up, on the one hand with their website, but also as a participant, along with the other bold families, in the production of the film "Injustice". The meaning of this movie to the ground could not be gross. Just as with all other cases of judiciary ratings, the political will must be created that something is done. The sister of Alton Manning has caused so much, but in the end there was nothing wrong with. It is a terrible irony that he should describe the lawyer of the family of Raju Bhatt’s situation so well, just as it looked as if justice should happen when they had obtained the review of the procedure.

"Once again, we have to find out that it is the reaction of the CPS when confronted with the evidence in such a case, after a "innocent" To seek explanation, even if this explanation, as here, is based on a thesis, which is simply unsustainable on the basis of all proofs. What we see here is an institutionalized unwillingness or incredience to ensure the functioning of the state of law, then if the whose task is to protect the right, are accused to have abused it itself. We see this same defect re-mirrored in the most murky and unadaquescent investigations as well as in the self-falliness of our political gentlemen, if they are confronted with the exhaust and the depth of the problem."

In this situation, all British burgers should be grateful to those who have ruled for justice for their dead relatives, as well as the creators of the film injustice.

Translation: Armin Medosch

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