Us soldiers to paint border fence for sparing

US soldiers are to paint border fence for sparing

A still brown border fence . Image:

Trump successfully blackmailed Mexico with sanctions threats to block its brewing border with militar from migrants. According to the Pentagon, the color for the border fence should also make it more difficult to climb

At 30. In May, the U.S. Border Patrol (CBP) reported that it had apprehended the largest group of migrants to date near El Paso. There were 1045 people from Honduras, Guatemala and San Salvador. Most of them were families, only a few unaccompanied minors and single adults. By 31. In May, almost 600.000 immigrants detained, twice as many as in all of 2017 and 200.000 more than in 2018. In addition, there were nearly 190.000 who attempted to enter at the border but did not have an entry permit or applied for asylum. According to CBP, this is proof of the serious threat to border security and the humanitarian crisis. However, more than 1.5 million were detained in 2000.

Donald Trump continues to make no real progress on building his wall on the border with Mexico. His trick was to divert funds from the defense budget for this purpose, but they were far from sufficient. Now, with his usual brute threat of sanctions, he has forced Mexico to move soldiers to the southern border to prevent the entry of refugees, especially from Honduras, San Salvador and Guatemala. He had previously threatened to close the border with Mexico entirely, including legal border traffic. For Mexico, the U.S. is the most important exporting country, and the economy is currently weak.

For Trump, the sanctions threats against Mexico, which were to take effect on Monday, were a dangerous political game. Republican congressmen had also threatened to block the tariffs, which Trump wanted to increase to 25 percent on imports. The agreement with Mexico also allowed Trump to avoid conflict with Congress. Mexico promises to take action against irregular migration and use the National Guard, as well as accept Migrant Protection Protocols that the U.S. will process asylum claims but send applicants back to Mexico until a decision is made. At the moment there are about 8000 migrants waiting on the side of Mexico. However, the agreement also states that additional measures were taken if Mexico’s actions did not have the expected effect.

Donald Trump tweeted in response, or rather loved to do so, that the tariffs set for Monday would be lifted indefinitely after Mexico promised to halt "Migration wave" to stop the "reduce or eliminate illegal immigration from Mexico into the U.S".

Us soldiers to paint border fence for sparing

arrest of a group of over a thousand migrants. Image:

However, Trump was not able to follow through on his campaign promise that Mexico would "beautiful" Border wall will pay. This is not even mentioned anymore. Currently, 5000 soldiers are stationed at the border after border protection was declared a matter of national security. 1200 are deployed to guard the border u.a. with vehicles equipped with cameras and infrared systems.

And news is making the rounds that soldiers are being deployed to California to spend a month painting the border fence. Until now, they’ve mostly been busy ruffling up the border fence with barbed wire barriers.

Us soldiers to paint border fence for sparing

US soldier attaching barbed wire to the border fence. Image: Northern Command

This has nothing to do with security, but, as the Department of Homeland Security told Congress, the "primary purpose", "to improve the aesthetic appearance". It comes to mind that Trump has always promoted his wall with the argument that it will not only keep out migrants, but also that it will keep them out "beautifully" be. At first he dreamed of a 10m high concrete wall, but then he conceded that it could also be a steel fence. It has the aesthetic advantage that you can see through it.

Democratic Senator Dick Durbin criticized the decrease as a waste of taxpayer money: "Our military has more important things to do than to make Trump’s wall hubsch." According to a Pentagon email, 100 soldiers are said to have been deployed to paint it. The sparing action also has a side effect, he said, as has already been seen in Arizona. There, the original brown steel bars were painted female, which would prevent tactics of camouflage and make it more difficult to climb over the fence. Border Patrol agents had reported that "people seem to have more difficulty buying the painted steel bars".

Somehow the paint made the climbers more visible and the steel bars more slippery because of their clothing. The responsible Northern Command followed up. At the request of the Department of Homeland Security, 100 soldiers were assigned to the prank. It was said that the paint was a "Anti-climb coating".

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