Yes, we can

It is getting worse

The US Prassidal election was already a few months ago, but the Obamanie broke out with us continues unbroken. And at the most intrusive are punctifests with the slogan "Yes, WE CAN!"The worst or maybe the most confident collects Lukas Heinser, then at the website with the defiant title No, you can not unopod.

For example, the CDU advertises in the Karlsruhe municipal election campaign with the slogan "We can Karlsruhe!". Handle of our Chancellor can not be ragged and claimed on a poster "not only banks – also save the climate! Angie-You-Can ". Also, the "picture" newspaper should not be missing and writes: "yes, Michelle Obama Can Gemuse plants."And because Obama supposedly is a music fan, rubbed mirror.DE A text logically with "Jazz WE CAN".

To fold the threatening obstruction of the upcoming election campaign a little, a team of NDR satisfaction [http: // / 2009/04 / 20 / Love Investigative Experts-by-Mirror-Online / Extra3] last weekend to Berlin for the SPD election campaign, where they then put a poster at the place of the action with the portrate Frank-Walter Steinmeier and the slogan "yes, he can chancellor!". That was, as I said, satirically meant. But many media representatives took the poster beer. So it dipped how to read in the picture blog, in newspaper articles and television reports – among others at N24:

"YES, HE CAN Chancellor." During drabs Supporters Summoned the Obama factor, enter inside FW Steinmeier and his wife the podium.

And even the news agency dpa was worth a short message:

"YES, HE CAN Chancellor." "Yes, he can chancellor" – Inscription on SPD posters for election campaigning with Chancellor candidate Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Sunday in Berlin. The saying is a modification of the campaign motto "YES, WE CAN" of US Prassident Barack Obama.

What hardly surprised. Because something happens just when the realitat does not just catch up with the satire, but in this case uberholted. Nevertheless, we can no longer horen that anymore.

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