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No agreement on ALG II – Part 1

The agreement on whether and how high the increase of the ALG II standard rates will be, is still a long time coming, the same applies to the education package. The Labor Minister’s poker game was not crowned with success this time around. But she is not the only one who has gambled.

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Ursula von der Leyen’s tactics for pushing through things that she thinks are right have been preserved until now. In doing so, she drives the opponents and critics before her, creates facts and, by constantly repeating as few aspects as possible, ensures that the debate in public focuses on precisely these aspects. In the case of net-blocking, it was she who helped to initiate the contracts between providers and the BKA and who, at the same time, made the public aware of the problem by focusing on "shredded children’s bodies" on this aspect.


Supreme court rules against bush administration and car companies

The reason for the Bush administration’s refusal to set caps on greenhouse gas emissions from cars has been debunked with an important decision

The Bush administration, closely intertwined with the energy and oil industries, has not only waged war over energy policy, but has also consistently refused to make commitments to reduce greenhouse gases. With astonishing audacity, scientists were prered to revise reports on climate change (muzzling of U.S. scientists), companies were spared in favor of the economy, and efforts were made to prevent climate warming caused by human activities from becoming a political ie for as long as possible. Recently, Bush, after being seen to be on the sidelines with climate policy as well, has come out in an open letter as a champion of climate protection, which he claims to have taken very seriously since the beginning of his term in office.

However, despite arances to protect the climate, the Department of Environmental Protection (EPA) and the White House had refused to impose caps on greenhouse gas emissions from cars in the Clean Air Act, which was introduced in 1970. It has become clear that the Department of Environmental Protection has done very little at all to implement the requirements of the law, as noted in a June 2006 GAO report.


Cold war around little pik

Cold War around little pik

Slovakia now reveals the Russian Vakzin Sputnik V. The campaign is burdened by the conflict between the West and Russia

The EU member Slovakia has been committed to starting sputnik V with vacation of Russian vaccine vaccine. It was the second EU country to Hungary in which Russian vaccine applies.

First, it is planned to use the vaccine merely in the age groups of 18 to 60 years. Sputnik V is also used only if the patient or the patient looks exusable this vaccine.


The basic income is an aberration

Heiner Flassbeck and Friederike Spiecker explain why the basic income destroys the economic basis from which it is supposed to be paid for

in the Telepolis interview

Should there be an unconditional basic income for every citizen?? Whether left-wing party, the Piraten party or Burgerinitiativen: The idea of an unconditional basic income, according to which every citizen would be paid a certain monthly income, regardless of whether he works or not, whether he owns assets or not, has many supporters. Even entrepreneurs, such as Gotz Werner, founder of a drugstore chain, sometimes advocate a basic income of 1000 euros per month.


What basic rights remain for the networked individual?

The interim balance of the Red-Green coalition in the redefinition of the informational self-determination rights of the citizen is ambiguous

The fact that the digital revolution is changing the economy and administration, that e-business can unleash enormous productivity potentials and that people prefer to shop online is proclaimed every day by managers of various industries and their public relations agencies. The computer pages of the daily press outdo each other at least once a week in pointing out the wonders of the new technology, even if they usually remain visions that may never come true. Less is said about the role of the citizen in the networked society, what new dimensions the Internet could open up for opinion making and formation, and what democratic opportunities it could offer.

But then there is the "dark side" of the information society "grandiose technical monitoring capabilities", According to Thilo Weichert of the German Association for Data Protection (DVD), there are a number of problems in the area of telecommunications and everyday data processing "with every new newspaper report about Echelon, Internet monitoring, video surveillance or satellite observation" the public will gradually become aware of. Reason enough for the DVD, together with the Forum for Computer Scientists for Peace and Social Responsibility (FIfF) as well as other data protection groups, to pose the question of fundamental rights in the information society at a conference this weekend. The main aim was to "Interim assessment of red-green IT policy" to draw.


Of the “islamic state” rustes in iraq drones with explosives

Of the'islamische staat' rustet im irak drohnen mit sprengsatzen aus


For a long time it was premiered that small drones become flying explosives

Shortly before the long-confident, but now apparently starting offensive offensive on the coozstadt Mosul has already shrunken in Iraq already very shrunken "Islamic state" probably as a first terrorist organization a drone equipped with explosives. As it turned out, Peschmerga camphor, accompanied by French soldiers, which they officially prepare for the offensive and advise tiant, last week shot down a small drone in the province of Erbil (offensive on Mosul: unburded 1 million escape lots).


Collar of the media with violence

For coarse protests, media reporting is usually largely fixed on violent protests

One knows that of many green events of social movements: media reporting is dramatized violence and gladly reduces the entire protests to such. About the contents of the protesters is reported in a negligible low abroad. Even with the reporting on the protests against the G20 summit and the NATO summit, this will be right again, so much. Because that’s no coincidence, but has system.

Media would like to threaten their independence and objectivity. But this amption is wrong: Full objectivitat is impossible. Already the decision which event is addressed and which is not, is subject to mechanisms of message selection and is therefore lit-lens. Media are not a passive mirror of real events, but active factor thereof. In addition to the topic selection, wording and explicit scores play an important role in the construction of media realities.


China warns against installation of thaad missile defense system in sud korea

china warns against installation of thaad missile defense system in sud korea

Mobile THAAD launch pad. Image: DoD

The conservative government in Sud Korea and the Pentagon want the relocation to go through quickly because of possible new elections, as of yesterday there is a location

The next conflict is brewing between China and the USA (China draws a red line for war with the USA). As was the case in the confrontation with Russia when George W. After Bush’s unilateral withdrawal from the ABM Treaty and the decision to install the NMD missile defense shield in Eastern Europe, allegedly because of North Korea and Iran, the decision last summer to install the THAAD missile defense system in South Korea triggered strong protests from China. The Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile defense system has a range of up to 200 km and is designed to stop ballistic missiles with a kinetic kill vehicle.


Covert access to hard drives

Online searches of private computers, hacking on behalf of the state and official PC screening – is this really what we are facing??

Yesterday, the Federal Supreme Court ruled that the "covert online investigation" inadmissible. In return, German Interior Minister Wolfgang Schauble called for the legal basis to be created for this.

In truth it has an "Online search" or even the "Federal Trojan", The "Gaddafi crisis", which has been circulating in the media for some time and has even been given its own entry in Wikipedia, has never existed – and never will. It is a hoax and is based on the lack of expertise of a senior public prosecutor, in each case a false report of the taz and the Suddeutsche and the fact that all German media, without researching the facts, copied from each other. According to the principle "Silent mail" at the end of the reporting then stands the "official" Hacker, which was never mentioned in the beginning.


Explosion on a russian rocket test area ensures increased radioactivity

Explosion on a Russian rocket test area ensures increased radioactivity

Test of a zirconium hypersonic rocket 2017. After views, it could have come to a breakdown with such a rocket. Image: Russian Defense Ministry

People in the region should buy iodine, push speculations into the cabbage, as a cause, a breakdown is traded with a hypsy rocket or even a nuclear rocket

Yesterday people were again injured in an explosion in a ammunition camp for mines and missiles at Atschinsk in the Krasnoyarsk region. The cause should have been a blizz. On Monday it had already come to explosions there already by fire, in which several people were injured and one took. There should be 40.000 grenades store, but more accurate is unknown. The resistant had 16.000 people who live in a radius of 20 km around the depot, evacuates, aviation was prepared before and the emergency is directed. According to Deputy Defense Minister Dmitry Bulgakov had been the cause of human failure.