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No agreement on ALG II – Part 1

The agreement on whether and how high the increase of the ALG II standard rates will be, is still a long time coming, the same applies to the education package. The Labor Minister’s poker game was not crowned with success this time around. But she is not the only one who has gambled.

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Ursula von der Leyen’s tactics for pushing through things that she thinks are right have been preserved until now. In doing so, she drives the opponents and critics before her, creates facts and, by constantly repeating as few aspects as possible, ensures that the debate in public focuses on precisely these aspects. In the case of net-blocking, it was she who helped to initiate the contracts between providers and the BKA and who, at the same time, made the public aware of the problem by focusing on "shredded children’s bodies" on this aspect.


The basic income is an aberration

Heiner Flassbeck and Friederike Spiecker explain why the basic income destroys the economic basis from which it is supposed to be paid for

in the Telepolis interview

Should there be an unconditional basic income for every citizen?? Whether left-wing party, the Piraten party or Burgerinitiativen: The idea of an unconditional basic income, according to which every citizen would be paid a certain monthly income, regardless of whether he works or not, whether he owns assets or not, has many supporters. Even entrepreneurs, such as Gotz Werner, founder of a drugstore chain, sometimes advocate a basic income of 1000 euros per month.


Schmuckeremites – the living garden gnomes

jewelry emites - the living garden gnomes

John Bigg: "An Eccentric Hermit", 1787. Image: Wellcome Library/CC BY 4.0

In the Georgian era, the English upper class paid people to live in their park

To call the English nobleman Charles Hamilton (1704-1786) eccentric was an understatement. Hamilton was responsible for the design of the 80-acre rough "Painshill Park", one of the first English landscape gardens, which quickly became a model for many gardens in Europe. Although the park – which had a grotto, a Gothic abbey, a pantheon, all sorts of serpentine paths and Chinese pavilions – received much praise and approval, it had one shortcoming from Hamilton’s point of view: it lacked a person to permanently inhabit the park – after all, the parks of the time were considered to be "walkable landscape paintings".


Us soldiers to paint border fence for sparing

US soldiers are to paint border fence for sparing

A still brown border fence . Image:

Trump successfully blackmailed Mexico with sanctions threats to block its brewing border with militar from migrants. According to the Pentagon, the color for the border fence should also make it more difficult to climb

At 30. In May, the U.S. Border Patrol (CBP) reported that it had apprehended the largest group of migrants to date near El Paso. There were 1045 people from Honduras, Guatemala and San Salvador. Most of them were families, only a few unaccompanied minors and single adults. By 31. In May, almost 600.000 immigrants detained, twice as many as in all of 2017 and 200.000 more than in 2018. In addition, there were nearly 190.000 who attempted to enter at the border but did not have an entry permit or applied for asylum. According to CBP, this is proof of the serious threat to border security and the humanitarian crisis. However, more than 1.5 million were detained in 2000.


U.s. National debt continues to explode: not an election issue

u.s. national debt continues to explode: not an election ie

Donald Trump continues to push back against the four non-white female politicians, pointing to the "Women for Trump". Image: c-span video

National debt has grown to $22 trillion, and the government could run out of money again in September

The King of Debt, as Donald Trump used to call himself, like his predecessors, has powerfully increased the national debt while lowering the tax burden on the wealthy and business owners, increasing the stimulus budget, and cutting some social programs in return. According to a Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report, the budget deficit has continued to grow under Donald Trump because more has always been spent than taken in. Under the Obama administration and Vice President Biden, who is running for president again, the national debt has grown by $9 trillion to nearly $20 trillion. One reason was the financial crisis, another was the wars financed by debt and the decreasing taxes for the rich under George W. Bush. Bush, but it has been going up steadily since then.


The art of selling art on the web

Interview with Hans Neuendorf, CEO of

"When you do something brand new, everyone is reluctant at first. You have to break through this barrier."

Oh, America – how easy it can be there. On Tuesday, we had the idea that a conversation with Hans Neuendorf, the former Hamburg gallery owner, co-founder of ART Cologne in 1967, and today CEO of in New York, could be exciting. Tuesday noon, after just one phone call, we had our appointment: Wednesday evening, 17.00 o’clock. Almost at the end of Broadway, where Wall Street converts information into hard dollars, 23 floors above the city sits Hectic hustle and bustle still prevails here at around 5 p.m.45 o’clock, as always we had "rush hour" underestimates. But Hans Neuendorf, surprisingly awake and of an almost stirring "Hamburg merchant honesty", immediately finds time for us.


Television comedian triumphs over social democrat

Jimmy Morales becomes new president of Guatemala

In yesterday’s runoff election for the new president of Guatemala, TV comedian Jimmy Morales, who ran for the conservative Frente de Convergencia Nacional (FCN), clearly beat ex-president’s wife Sandra Torres of the social democratic Unidad Nacional de la Esperanza (UNE): Morales won 68.29 percent of the vote, while Torres (who has since conceded defeat) received only 31.71 votes.

The 46-year-old president-elect, made famous by the hit series Moralejas, doesn’t necessarily fit the stereotypes people in Germany have of TV comedians: He studied theology, is an evangelical Christian, a staunch opponent of abortion and a supporter of the death penalty. Furthermore, he does not believe that the mass murder of Ixil-Maya during the civil war between 1960 and 1996 was genocide and does not want to give up the Guatemalan claim to Belize, which was conquered by Great Britain in 1798 and became independent in 1981.


“Germany can create this!”

Plastargias (left) with escape plants at movie project. Image: Jana Schlegel

The Frankfurt Social Worker Jannis Plastargias is optimistic: a conversation about mass arrives and long-term perspectives

The social worker Jannis Plastargias, even son of Greek guest workers, looks after in a Frankfurt advice center escapeons from different countries. He helps them to arrive in Germany, trying to loose problems, conveys between his clients and the Amter – and gets daily with where problems exist and how the situation will be strong for step. He is confident and represents the reality of the instrumentalization through right-wing populist parties, which was highly stylized to the crisis.


Libya: general haftar wants 17 billion from the eu to secure the border

Libya: general haftar wants 17 billion from eu for border security


Another NGO temporarily suspends its sea rescue mission. How will the smuggling business react to this?

After the French NGO Doctors Without Borders and the German Sea-Eye, the British organization Save the Children is the next non-governmental organization to stop its sea rescue mission (see Libya: NGOs withdraw rescue ships ahead of schedule). In its statement, this NGO also cites the Libyan Navy’s warning to crack down on NGO vessels in the future. There are fears for the safety of the crew. The stop was preliminary.


No social justice without fair energy policy

No social justice without a fair energy policy

Guest article by Dr. Hubertus Porschen, Federal Chairman of the Young Entrepreneurs Business Association

According to all that is known so far, the SPD with its candidate for chancellor, Martin Schulz, has the topic "social justice" discovered as a supposed winning ie. Apart from the fact that one could philosophize for hours about what the "West" is "social justice" and how to implement them, there is already a huge gap in the political line.

The topic of energy policy has so far been completely left out of both the 10-point plan of Federal Economics Minister Brigitte Zypries and the speeches of Martin Schulz. But this is a redistribution program that redistributes more than 10 billion euros a year from the low-income strata of the population to the upper strata. If you look at the winners and losers of the energy transition, you will look in vain for social justice. Those who are heavily burdened by the energy transition are mainly tenants, industrial family businesses and thus their employees.