Cold war around little pik

Cold War around little pik

Slovakia now reveals the Russian Vakzin Sputnik V. The campaign is burdened by the conflict between the West and Russia

The EU member Slovakia has been committed to starting sputnik V with vacation of Russian vaccine vaccine. It was the second EU country to Hungary in which Russian vaccine applies.

First, it is planned to use the vaccine merely in the age groups of 18 to 60 years. Sputnik V is also used only if the patient or the patient looks exusable this vaccine.


China warns against installation of thaad missile defense system in sud korea

china warns against installation of thaad missile defense system in sud korea

Mobile THAAD launch pad. Image: DoD

The conservative government in Sud Korea and the Pentagon want the relocation to go through quickly because of possible new elections, as of yesterday there is a location

The next conflict is brewing between China and the USA (China draws a red line for war with the USA). As was the case in the confrontation with Russia when George W. After Bush’s unilateral withdrawal from the ABM Treaty and the decision to install the NMD missile defense shield in Eastern Europe, allegedly because of North Korea and Iran, the decision last summer to install the THAAD missile defense system in South Korea triggered strong protests from China. The Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile defense system has a range of up to 200 km and is designed to stop ballistic missiles with a kinetic kill vehicle.


Explosion on a russian rocket test area ensures increased radioactivity

Explosion on a Russian rocket test area ensures increased radioactivity

Test of a zirconium hypersonic rocket 2017. After views, it could have come to a breakdown with such a rocket. Image: Russian Defense Ministry

People in the region should buy iodine, push speculations into the cabbage, as a cause, a breakdown is traded with a hypsy rocket or even a nuclear rocket

Yesterday people were again injured in an explosion in a ammunition camp for mines and missiles at Atschinsk in the Krasnoyarsk region. The cause should have been a blizz. On Monday it had already come to explosions there already by fire, in which several people were injured and one took. There should be 40.000 grenades store, but more accurate is unknown. The resistant had 16.000 people who live in a radius of 20 km around the depot, evacuates, aviation was prepared before and the emergency is directed. According to Deputy Defense Minister Dmitry Bulgakov had been the cause of human failure.


Beyond meat: meatless food is becoming chic

After Bill Clinton, Al Gore also became a vegan, vegetarian Bill Gates and others invest in companies that want to replace animal products

After Bill Clinton, his former vice president and one-time presidential candidate Al Gore, who became a climate change leader, has also become a vegan. A U.S. president or vice president in the U.S. is probably not allowed to do that yet. George W. Bush, who won a controversial election against Al Gore, preached fitness and weight loss, but the Texan had and still has no objection to meat, just like his arch-conservative vice president Dick Cheney, who is currently standing between his daughters. They’re warring because one is a lesbian and the other wants to pick up a Senate seat and opposes gay marriage in a fight against the Republican incumbent.

Beyond meat: meatless food is becoming chic

Advertisement by Beyond Meat


Low psychological resilience massively increases the risk of high blood pressure

Swedish long-term study shows a risk factor that is difficult to influence

In 1972, Swedish draft boards began collecting data on young conscripts. The 18-year-olds were not only examined by doctors for their physical condition, but also by psychologists who were to find out how well or poorly they coped with stress. A team led by Kristina Sundquist, a physician at Lund University in Malmo, compared these stress sensitivity assessments with the medical history of those selected over the next 44 years, which was permitted by Swedish health records and data protection regulations.

The results of this comparison, published in the current ie of the journal Heart, show that among the 93.000 Swedish men who developed pathological high blood prere during this period included a significant number of persons who were found to have a low ability to cope with stress during their physical examination. Their blood prere, which rose repeatedly in situations of psychological stress, could have developed into a chronic condition over the course of time.


Blame is the good lord …

Bayer defends itself in GM rice affair

Contamination of long-grain rice by Bayer’s unapproved LL601 GM rice (The Rice Nobody Wanted) has caused significant harm to U.S. rice farmers. Hundreds of southern farmers join class action lawsuits over the ie. Now, a 30-page response letter from Bayer Crop Science to the lawyers gives the first indication of the group’s defense strategy. According to the Washington Post, force majeure, but also allegedly careless farmers, were to blame for the misery.

In mid-August, U.S. authorities were informed of the appearance of Bayer CropScience’s unapproved GM rice line LL601 The rice, originally developed by Aventis CropScience, is among the herbicide-tolerant GM varieties and is insensitive to the weedkiller Liberty Link. LL601 rice was never commercialized and was only field tested between 1998 and 2001. However, the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture confirmed that contaminated rice had turned up in a 2005 crop.


Covid-19: the benefits of mass tests

COVID-19: The benefits of mass tests

Symbol image: Gerd Altmann. License: Pixabay

Rich outgoing restrictions on the evidence of the disease – or the politics in Western Europe and the US must take a different way?

The idea that the SARS COV 2 virus can be disappeared by quarantine acceptance as its namesake SARS 1 in zero years, seems to end Marz 2020 rather unrealistic. Therefore, because the virus has encouraged the findings of the World Health Organization WHO in the meantime in at least 40 African Lander, which hardly someone has an effective one "Social Distancing" trust. The WHO-Afrikachefin Matshidiso Moeti does not.


The sick working company

The increasing crisis competition leads to a rapid increase in mental illnesses in wage dependents

"Work just healthy" – At this denominator, the image-newspaper brought the exports of the Prasident of the Federal Association of German Employers’ Association (BDA), Dieter Hund, who claimed in a conversation with the boulevard sheet that wage work can be mentally ill under no circumstances mentally ill.

"On the contrary: professional system creates self-belief and recognition. It is thus an important basis for mental health", so hundred. Nevertheless, if wage depths illicit mentally, then they are to blame for himself, the BDA boss continued to lead:


It will be negotiated

The examination of the Federal Government in Meseberg brought above all a result. It will be negotiated

Many political commentators were surprised that the Federal Government had to go to office after a few weeks in the office in Klausur. The politicians did not have enough time to get to know each other in the coalition negotiations?. After completing the first exam on Castle Meseberg is one thing. There was still other exams allowed. Some commentators already joke about the "Government of the eternal exam". Anyone who had expected important political decisions from the two-day meetings will actually be desapped. It will be negotiated, is the message that emanated from Meseberg.

Health Minister Philipp Rosler (FDP) will not only call an expert commission to further develop health care, but also lead a "Interministerial Working Group" on the same topic. Another commission should devote itself to the questions of demographic change.


What would bourdieu say about it?

What would bourdieu say to this?

Picture: Stefan Selke

Lifelogging Part 1

In a rough Berlin bookstore there is a stack of my book "Lifelogging" next to a thick book by the French star sociologist Pierre Bourdieu ("on the state"). Admittedly, I am touched. No one is protected from vanity. Not even me. At the beginning of each semester, I discuss the wonderful documentary film "Sociology as a martial art", which shows some of Bourdieu’s public appearances. This semester I was even asked by a student if I had a "Bourdieu fan" be. Not a bad question, perhaps just a rather unusual one.