Since they can trade unpuncture, it will continue to be struck

Death in police custody, in cogs and by armed policemen in Great Britain

During the West and About Tony Blair "moral consideration" stressed, in the UK, innocent people in arrests, in police cells and cogs or are shot at open strain, because they are suspected of wearing a weapon. New Labour promised with malades, but the trap continues and the reform of the judicial system comes, if overhead, just progressing. The London’s novelist John Barker, whose thriller "Deadline" Especially with Dumont appeared in German and who has been working with these topics for decades, FUR Telepolis summarized the younger story and presence of this trap.

You might think that censorship of the past has been attended. Things that were still taboo 30 years ago is now one of the standards of visual culture, which is saturated with a variety of manifestations of sexuality. However, what has not changed in the same period is the regularity, with which people in police custody come to death, with chases with police cars (also one "default" our everyday culture), shot in cogs or policemen. Not only the regularity of these events has remained the same, but also the way it is prevented that the truth comes out about each of this single trap so that the police can be relieved.


The extremist society

In the present system crisis, the barbaric core of capitalist socialization enters full development. Crisis of capitalism – Part 5

I’m not afraid of the juxtapy of the fascists in the mask of the fascists, but before the return of the fascists in the mask of Democrats.



Clearview’s view of everyday dystopia

A clear view of the everyday dystopia

Please laugh, your photo could be passed around. Image: Endstation Jetzt, CC BY 2.0

Clearview AI’s image database, the end of anonymity and the surveillance machinery in the 21st century. Century. How a start-up abuses our photos

In early 2020, the first sensational revelation came: the U.S. company Clearview had collected billions of photos on the Internet for years for a database for biometric purposes and then sold them. The data has been distorted for identification purposes, first officially "only" to hundreds of law enforcement agencies in 27 countries, including 2.400 police stations. Later it turned out: also to private customers.


Mollath case: bayreuth clinic attempts liberation strike

Grunen politician raises accusations against supervision of the clinic – press inquiry to BKH for four weeks unanswered

Forensic psychiatry in Bayreuth has a problem: For many months, the clinic and with it the Bayreuth District Hospital have been under prere because of the forced psychiatrist Gustl Mollath. In particular Dr. Klaus Leipziger, chief physician of forensic psychiatry in Bayreuth, is under fire for his controversial expert opinions in the Mollath case. Now the responsible persons of the clinic react – under protection assistance of a lawyer.

Under the heading "Opinion of the municipal enterprise clinics and homes of the district Upper Franconia" the clinic has published a letter from the lawyer Karsten Schieseck, in which the clinic is trying to defend itself against the attacks.