Supreme court rules against bush administration and car companies

The reason for the Bush administration’s refusal to set caps on greenhouse gas emissions from cars has been debunked with an important decision

The Bush administration, closely intertwined with the energy and oil industries, has not only waged war over energy policy, but has also consistently refused to make commitments to reduce greenhouse gases. With astonishing audacity, scientists were prered to revise reports on climate change (muzzling of U.S. scientists), companies were spared in favor of the economy, and efforts were made to prevent climate warming caused by human activities from becoming a political ie for as long as possible. Recently, Bush, after being seen to be on the sidelines with climate policy as well, has come out in an open letter as a champion of climate protection, which he claims to have taken very seriously since the beginning of his term in office.

However, despite arances to protect the climate, the Department of Environmental Protection (EPA) and the White House had refused to impose caps on greenhouse gas emissions from cars in the Clean Air Act, which was introduced in 1970. It has become clear that the Department of Environmental Protection has done very little at all to implement the requirements of the law, as noted in a June 2006 GAO report.


Of the “islamic state” rustes in iraq drones with explosives

Of the'islamische staat' rustet im irak drohnen mit sprengsatzen aus


For a long time it was premiered that small drones become flying explosives

Shortly before the long-confident, but now apparently starting offensive offensive on the coozstadt Mosul has already shrunken in Iraq already very shrunken "Islamic state" probably as a first terrorist organization a drone equipped with explosives. As it turned out, Peschmerga camphor, accompanied by French soldiers, which they officially prepare for the offensive and advise tiant, last week shot down a small drone in the province of Erbil (offensive on Mosul: unburded 1 million escape lots).


Collar of the media with violence

For coarse protests, media reporting is usually largely fixed on violent protests

One knows that of many green events of social movements: media reporting is dramatized violence and gladly reduces the entire protests to such. About the contents of the protesters is reported in a negligible low abroad. Even with the reporting on the protests against the G20 summit and the NATO summit, this will be right again, so much. Because that’s no coincidence, but has system.

Media would like to threaten their independence and objectivity. But this amption is wrong: Full objectivitat is impossible. Already the decision which event is addressed and which is not, is subject to mechanisms of message selection and is therefore lit-lens. Media are not a passive mirror of real events, but active factor thereof. In addition to the topic selection, wording and explicit scores play an important role in the construction of media realities.


Do electors want to be deceived?

British political scientist Glen Newey claims: lies are the price of a healthy democracy

If it were up to Glen Newey of the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, there would be a parliamentary committee on the subject "Election fraud" as superfluous as a goiter. After all, the mouthy citizens do not expect their elected representatives to actually tell the truth before or after the ballot. After all, they secretly know that the high moral standards with which they have imposed on their politicians virtually force them to do so, "to deal with the truth economically".

Newey owes this baffling theory to intensive work with "key american political events", the Watergate affair, the Iran-Contra disaster and the turmoil surrounding the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton. In all these cases, the desire for openness and the amption of political responsibility created an unhealthy climate of mistrust and limited the politicians’ room for maneuver to such an extent that they had practically no choice but to lie through their teeth to the public:


Schoolchildren on an electronic leash

A Japanese city wants to play a pioneering role

Total Information Awareness was a program for which Darpa, the Pentagon’s research agency, wanted to develop various projects. However, the program went too far for Congress, and it cut off funding for many of the planned projects (Congress cancels funding for Pentagon surveillance project). The title of the program, however, still seems to be important for the development and implementation of the monitoring technology (The Monitored City). A Japanese municipality now wants to pioneer the world by locating all school children with GPS.

It is not necessarily the Big Brother who is gradually eroding the boundaries between private and public, towards a panoptic presence and a disappearance of the private sphere "dark", unobserved spaces. Already the flood of surveillance cameras in public spaces showed that many people are willing to pay for security with a reduction of privacy (Like a plague). Classrooms have also been equipped with surveillance cameras (The Panoptic School). Meanwhile, in the media, people practice living under the permanent eye of surveillance or controlling events as a watchdog.


Love pit from siberia

Love pit from siberia

Icebreaker LNG tanker CHRISTOPHE DE MARGERIE, Yamalmax class. The tanker is named after the former general director of Total, who died in a plane crash in Moscow in October 2014. Image: Kremlin, CC BY-SA 4.0

First Russian river natural gas arrives in the U.S

The LNG tanker GASELYS arrived at the Port of Boston during the last weekend of January 2018. It brought liquefied natural gas (LNG) from a U.S.-sanctioned project in the Russian Arctic. It comes mainly from the Yuzhno-Tambeiskoye natural gas field, located in the north of the West Siberian lowlands.


Nsu murder series unclear: bohnhardt and mouthless were explained to the altars

NSU murder series unclear: Bohnhardt and mouthless were explained to the altars

Graphic: TP

Inquiry Committee of the Bundestag questions the investigations of the BKA

A tendency determination determined the investigations after starting the NSU trio in November 2011. Until then, none of the 27 actions, which were dubbed between 1998 and 2011, had been clarified underneath the ten murders. But as on the 4. November 2011 Uwe Bohnhardt and Uwe Fermos died, the supreme investigative keeps decided very fast:


Libya: game-changer russia?

Libya: game-changer russia?

Admiral Kuznetsov. Photo: Gaz Armes, British Ministry of Defense. Open Government Licence

The Russian government reveals that it is cooperating with General Haftar

On the long journey home from the Syrian coast to Severomorsk, Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov laid down a few days ago, on 11.January, made a remarkable stop off Libya’s coast (beyond territorial waters) to host a remarkable guest: Gen. Haftar, the strongman in eastern Libya, commander of the Libyan National Army-and possibly soon head of state?


480 Atomic bombs still store in european states

In Germany, according to a report of an American organization, there are still 150 atomic bombs, which represents a violation of the nuclear weapons closure contract

If the nuclear detachment contract is negotiated in May in New York, then roughly and wide surgical clearances of North Korea and Iran will be reported. But even in Germany and other European countries, the over the "Nuclear participation" constantly against the "Non-distribution contract of nuclear weapons" (NVV) violate. A study of the independent US organization Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) confirmed, whereupon nuclear arms opponents for years. He also confirms the amptions that more US atomic bombs are stored in Europe than previously amed.

480 atomic bombs still store in European states

US nuclear weapons in Europe. Image: nrdc