Schauble bans hezbollah station al manar

Following in the footsteps of other European countries, Germany has now ied a partial ban on the TV station, which is popular in Arab countries, because of its violation of the people’s right to freedom of speech

From 1. December, Al Manar ("The Lighthouse") can no longer be seen in German hotels, cafes and other public places. In addition, advertising and fundraising for the Beirut-based station are prohibited in Germany. These measures were justified.with an offence against the idea of the people’s understanding, which is an offence of prohibition according to the type "agitational hate propaganda". 9 para. 2 Basic law erfulle. The decree also applies to Hezbollah’s Al Nour radio station.

Avi Dichter, the Israeli Minister of Public Security, was one of the first to be informed of the ban during his visit to Berlin. "Agitational hate propaganda against Israel’s right to exist" was the motivation for the ban, according to a spokesman for the Israeli ministry. However, Avi Dichter did not want to say anything about whether Wolfgang Schauble also wants to take action against German Hezbollah members and related institutions. An orphanage is said to have transferred money from Germany to the families of suicide bombers who killed Israelis. Of course, Israel is not satisfied with the partial ban. Al Manar can still be received by every private household via satellite (Arabsat and Nilesat). One would like to see Germany follow the example of France, Spain, Australia and the Netherlands. There, Al Manar can no longer be received via satellite (start of a West-East media war)?).


Turkey seals off borders against syrian refugees

turkey seals off borders against syrian refugees

Refugee camp in Syria on the Turkish border, 50 kilometers from Aleppo. Image: Wikimedia, screenshot from a video. Public domain

Turkey’s European Affairs Minister Bozkır justifies this by blaming Russia for airstrikes in the region, but they are currently flown by jets of the U.S.-led coalition

Syrian army offensive to take control of Aleppo has begun. Al-Masdar News, a publication close to the Damascus government, reports fighting inside the city, where enemy militias are nearly encircled, and military successes outside the city.


School strikes: what do the schoolers want?

School strikes: what do the schools want?

FridaysForFuture – rally (Berlin, 22.2.2019). Image: Leonhard Lenz / CC0

Coal phase-out by 2030, shut down a quarter of all coal-fired power plants immediately, 180 euros per ton CO2. Otherwise there will be more strikes

"The laws of nature cannot be negotiated", said Svenja Kannt, one of the spokeswomen for the striking schoolchildren of the German offshoot of the FridaysForFuture movement, who presented their demands in Berlin on Monday – their demands for the here politicians and not generally to the world community, because: "Germany must not impose its problems on poor countries", Šana Strahinjic, one of Kannt’s muckrakers, said.


Real poison and false company spokesmen

The "Yes Men" have struck again

Not an easy anniversary: 20 years ago, a chemical plant of the US company Union Carbide blew up in Bhopal, India – tens of thousands died, hundreds of thousands are still damaged today. The BBC reported that Dow Chemical, which bought Union Carbide in 2001, was finally taking responsibility for the disaster. But then it turned out that the live interviewed company spokesman was a "Yes Man" was.

On 3. December 1984, water got into a tank containing methyl isocyanate at a pesticide plant shortly after midnight, causing it to explode: 40 tons of the toxic substance were released and drifted over the city as a cloud of gas. The first victims die in a few minutes, others only after months. Even days later, no one knew what had happened. Union Carbide, owner of the factory, claims that an employee known to and covered by the Indian police deliberately triggered the catastrophe, but journalist Rajkumar Keswani warned years before the accident about the lack of safety devices at the plant, which had already stopped production. The introduction of water into empty tanks was part of the normal cleaning procedure, so a wrongly set valve was already enough to trigger the catastrophe. Moreover, the tanks were overfilled and unchilled.


40 Percent of the data of the string protection of lower saxony must be deleted

The review by a Task Force stated many misstatements and violations of fundamental rights for informational self-determination even with journalists and law

Actually, the federal surveillance protection is conditional, over "Aspirations directed against the liberal democratic basic order", and to inform espionage. He obviously did not do that with the best friends of the NSA, while once again becomes clear in terms of NSU, that it was blind at best – at the right eye. Prevention Chief Maes explained to have received knowledge of NSA monitoring program first on Snowdens Leaks. Even though he regrets the dependent of Merkel’s cell phone, he does not want to change the good cooperation with the US intelligence services and makes it clear that he does not even focus on openness to the NSA Investigation Committee.

The domestic intelligence also likes to collect as many data as he can only be legally bound to him. Whether the cooperation with the NSA helps here, also to get information from German, remains a secret for the time being. But it is highlighted by MAen’s collaboration with the fact that the NSA had given a hint who led to the seizure of the Sauerland Group. But from a roughly created Abhor program you have not known anything, has always been claimed.


Tsunami in spain?

Warnings of a disaster at the Itoiz dam

Once again a huge earthquake has shaken Indonesia. The flood wave that was feared again did not occur this time. The authorities ame, however, that again about 2000 people have died, thousands are homeless. But tsunamis of a different kind could occur in Europe (cf. Losgeschuttelt).

For example, Greenpeace has long pointed out the insecurity of dams in Spain. Respected dam builders and geologists warn against the Itoiz dam in particular. The danger here has become more acute since earthquakes began to occur in the province of Navarre. They were induced by the filling of the lake, because the weight presses on folds of earth in the subsoil. Since last September, there have been more than 220 earth tremors in the region.


Geographically filtered news

In order to publish an article with information from anonymous informants on the state of knowledge of the British authorities without legal problems, the New York Times blocked access to it for British citizens and delivered a print edition without the article

In an unusual move, the New York Times has closed to British readers an article that appeared on Sunday about the planned terrorist attacks in Great Britain. The article was not in the international print edition of The Times or the International Herald Tribune, which were delivered to the U.K. British Internet users were blocked from accessing the article, Details Emerge in British Terror Case.

In an unusual move, the Times consulted its lawyer before publication, who advised that the article not be made available to British burghers. It contains statements from British whistleblowers in security circles, who wished to remain anonymous, about new evidence in the case. In the U.K., it is illegal to disclose information that could influence a court case before it happens. British Internet readers were informed of the precautionary measure by the New York Times, as the newspaper reported yesterday:


Only crazy people smoke

An American report speaks of a link between smoking and mental illnesses

For their report, Harvard Medical School researchers analyzed data from more than 4,000 people between the ages of 15 and 54 who were surveyed 10 years ago on behalf of the U.S. Congress to determine the prevalence of mental illness. So the data are not new, but the researchers claim that they are the most recent at the national level to show a link between mental illness and smoking.

The Report "Smoking and Mental Illness. A Population-Based Prevalence Study" has been published in the current ie of the Journal of the American Medical Association. The scientists started from observations that patients in psychiatric hospitals are said to smoke more than average. After analyzing the data, they found that people with a mental illness are two times more likely to smoke than those with a mental illness "normal" People. This result was also consistent with earlier research.


Under the french sun

After Germany and Spain, the French government is now also cutting solar power subsidies. Nevertheless, the market in the neighboring country remains attractive – also for German companies

Until now, the French solar power producers lived like God in France: to claim the renewable electricity, there were high rates of compensation. Even after the third consecutive shortening, which came into effect at the beginning of the week, the rates are still much higher than in Germany. Overall, the feed-in tariffs will be reduced by 12 percent. However, this only affects commercial solar power producers. Private households that install solar panels up to 30 square meters are excluded.

"The new reduction in tariffs did not come as a great shock to us," says Vael Elamine of the Syndicat pour les energies renouvelables (Renewable Energies Union). But it is irresponsible that the new tariffs were announced only a week beforehand, criticizes the union’s solar power expert. bankruptcies of smaller solar companies could therefore not be ruled out. After all, the government has already cut fares by a total of 40 percent since last year. "It’s starting to get critical for the French solar industry, too," Elamine says. He hopes that for now it will remain at the current shortages.


Schools and corona: “treat unequal things unequally”

Schools and corona:'ungleiches ungleich behandeln'

Image: Pixabay License

Countless expert commissions, alarmed entrustment, but a good plan is far away. Friedrich Ebert Foundation now calls for targeted support for disadvantaged schoolchildren

The education system was hit with particular force by the Corona crisis. Discussions about a necessary reform of school education in the light of "new challenges" existed even before the spring of 2020, the first lockdown with school closings. When parents’ claims met education representatives, principals and teachers, it was always heated. There was never a lack of contentious ies.