The improved animal

About the lecture by Max More

Max More’s presentation on identity transformation is based on a chapter from a book he has just completed for Hardwired Publishers. It has the working title The Augmented Animal.

Gradually we are realizing that it is not only the mentally ill who need to change their emotional personhood. To become truly posthuman, we all have to come to grips with how we react to different situations.


Islamic states against the international criminal court

Even the Egyptian President Mubarak received the Sudanese President al-Bashir, even al-Qaeda seeks to exploit the new conflict

The arrest warrant ied by the International Criminal Court (ICC) against the incumbent Sudanese President al-Bashir proves to be ineffective so far (turning point for human rights and international law)?). Arab and African states reject him, calling him one-sided and politicizing international justice (Iran, Syria and Hamas solidarity with Sudanese president).

With the first arrest warrant against a sitting head of state, the Criminal Court probably wanted to set a signal. Al-Bashir is accused of war crimes and offenses against humanity in Darfur. He is thus directly blamed for the deaths of 35.000 people held responsible.


Passenger data soon to be shared with canada

Meanwhile, the EU is setting up its own system that will also store travel data of suspects for five years

Following the agreements with Australia and the USA approved by the EU Parliament, EU member states are also to exchange passenger data with Canada. A draft agreement is to be finalized in the fall, according to which up to 60 different sets of data will be transmitted to Canadian authorities before each flight. As in the treaty with the USA, the length of storage and the possibility of using the data to combat terrorism are disputed "serious crime". At present, the data are being transferred to Canada without a valid legal basis.

After two years of discussions, the Commission will soon present a draft agreement on the exchange of Passenger Name Record (PNR) data with Canada. Airlines will again be obliged to provide the Canadian police with detailed information about the travelers before each flight. Personal and address data, payment information, travel history, the travel agency used and even the travel agent will be processed.